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A Primer On Green Construction With Eric Ochocki-avbox

Home-Improvement Many people know how to make small changes in their everyday lives to make our world more sustainable. But as moving towards more eco-friendly choices gains ground, Eric Ochocki, a member of the US Green Building Council who brings experience with construction and sculpture to the table, reports that some people are choosing to build their own homes from scratch to be more green than existing homes. Here are his tips for creating the green home of your dreams! Step 1: Building better insulation. Eric Ochocki urges homebuilders to begin with choosing to insulate their homes as efficiently as possible, since a significant amount of energy can be wasted on cooling or warming a house. Eric Ochocki also recommends using 6-inch-wide studs in exterior walls (4 inches is the less eco-friendly norm) and windows designed for efficiency. Step 2: Keep building materials sustainable. Use reclaimed and recycled materials whenever possible, urges Eric Ochocki. Its also a good idea to use materials that are durable, so that you wont have to replace them as often down the road. Step 3: Just say no to toxic materials. Some ordinary building materials can be potentially harmful to people and the environment, explains Eric Ochocki. To avoid the negative impact these materials may have, Eric Ochocki suggests that homebuilders avoid materials like particleboard and plywood if possible, or choose materials made of compressed plant material instead. Step 4: Shrink your footprint. Buildings with smaller footprints are better for the environment and for your own quality of life, says Eric Ochocki. They dont take up as much land as larger structures and you can landscape the surrounding area with native plants. Step 5: Consider your natural surroundings. Eric Ochocki says that you can actually build a home that uses the sun and wind to its advantage. For example, planting trees near south-facing windows will allow for shade in summer and an insulating effect in winter, says Eric Ochocki. More windows throughout the house will allow for better ventilation. Step 6: When in doubt, get online. There is a wealth of information for potential green builders online, explains Eric Ochocki. You can learn about everything, from sustainable window design to the small home movement, and come up with inexpensive and creative ways to shrink your carbon footprint in your new home. Eric Ochocki recommends greenbuildingadvisor.com and buildinggreen.com for those just starting out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: