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A move to be extremely popular with children, soft and delicious French fries – Sohu eat and drink-replays.net

A made a very popular children, soft and delicious French fries – Sohu and every time the children requires to eat fast food, but he also knew that the kids love is to eat French fries, as well as the inside of the playground, knowing that fried food isn’t a healthy, also try to do it myself, seemingly not fried the effect is really not good, see so much to do with frying French fries in the circle of friends, be tempted to start a few times. I feel pretty good effect, with a little bit of oil, can make delicious French fries, kids will be three days two head eating french fries, this don’t touch the experience, one to do a bit more, fridge freezer, when children eat, take out fried OK ingredients: potatoes; a little, a little salt, olive oil, corn starch production process 1, a potato peel strip into the salt water soak for five minutes or so, remove the 2 after soaking potatoes into the boiling water, boiled water for a minute, put a spoonful of salt water, after 3 blanch potatoes Lishui, add a little salt, olive oil, corn starch, mix 4 mix of potatoes in 5, air fryer basket air fryer set temperature of 180 degrees, the time set for 15 minutes, the middle can pull the basket top few, let potatoes turn over more uniform heating of 6, then pull the basket, plate 7, tomato sauce with food while hot food with tips: 1, potato first boiled water more easily fried 2 corn starch, sprinkle a little, will make skin more crisp, mix 3 third step fries fridge freezer, eat with and without thawing;相关的主题文章: