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A father painting to the baby daughter’s love letter, moving tears! Sohu – soulseek

A father "painting" to the baby daughter’s love letter, moving tears! – [picture] maternal attention selection of Sohu, to obtain the wisdom of parenting! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! I have a daughter, her name is wood a. From the time she was born, I used a brush to record the growth of her, she is from the world’s curious little baby, little by little…… Until now, she began to learn to do their own, although it is not so easy is the daughter can not do without me, or I can not do without her? If she wants, I will always be with her and protect her father. Excerpted from "by" sketch book wood a rainbow painting with the way of recording the daughter wood a growth, wood a lovely, naughty, wood wood a flower, with a new pet phrase to travel in the wood a…… , filled with love. Here, a great father. Children love reading, education is half the success! Today Xiaobian to recommend a WeChat public platform to help children love reading books: the selection of micro signal is jxhuiben (long on copy) promotion of fun dad will give you guidance to solve the problems in reading famous parent-child parent-child reading.相关的主题文章: