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Crafts-Hobbies With its dimensions, the Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse is a toy for keeps as your little girl grows up. Unlike other to-scale dollhouses, the Annabelle can ac.modate 12-inch fashion dolls under its three-story roof. Even parents and guardians love how easy it is to assemble this playroom staple. What this beautiful toy offers is a sixteen-piece starter furniture set made of wood. The dollhouse itself is constructed from wood and is made for years of sturdy and durable playtime. Any little girl would be charmed with the fanciful details in the Annabelle’s interiors and exteriors. Product Features Sizable Dimensions Allow for Fashion-Height Dolls: Fashion dolls like Barbie and others can be ac.modated within the Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse. Its measurements are 34.7 by 16 by 47 inches, allowing ample room for 12-inch dolls to "live" inside the house. Charming Attention to Interior and Exterior Details: The Annabelle dollhouse has whimsical and delightful details inside and out. There is a pink and white chandelier in the third storey bedroom, a gauzy canopy over the bed with real sheets, a working elevator, pretty lattice work, and other thoughtful features. Generous Starter Furniture Set: There are sixteen wooden furniture pieces and accessories already available with each Annabelle dollhouse purchase. Whimsical and unexpected accessories like a baby grand piano, a pink cake, a striped patio umbrella and others go well with the expected bed, table, and chairs. Pros Built to Grow With Your Child: The .bined advantages of the Annabelle dollhouse’s size and its enduring appeal guarantees that this is a toy for keeps for your little girl. It’s a playroom staple designed to grow as your child grows, and with ac.modation for more accessories and dolls as years go by. Reliable Construction: This wooden dollhouse is designed to endure years and years of playtime. It is solidly and durably constructed to be able to contain three floors of miniature accessories made of wood. Cons Not Available in Gender-Neutral Colors: The dollhouse is no longer confined in the realm of little girl playthings in these gender-neutral times. This Kidkraft model is only available in pink and white; it would be an improvement to .e up with a more gender-neutral palette for even little boys to appreciate. Redundant Detailing on the Wall Stickers: While the illustrations of furniture, appliances, and other home accessories on the Annabelle dollhouse’s wall decals are undeniably charming, some customers point out that they may be redundant. As an example, the upper bedroom wall decal has a brass bed illustration when the starter furniture set offers a canopied bed. Customer Reviews Minor issues aside, the Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse is definitely an enchanting addition to a child’s playroom, and is bound to be a favorite for years to .e. This product currently boasts of 4.5 stars from a five-star customer rating scheme at Amazon, making it a popular toy for kids and their parents alike. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: