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A 17 year old boy forced the subway to open for many times mide-031

17 year old boy to stimulate many times to open the subway door original title: to find stimulation, 17 year old boy repeatedly open subway gate morning news reporter Zhong Hui, recently, a number of subway lines in Shanghai door mysterious "failure" incident, delayed the normal operation of the train. After the subway operators and rail public security joint search, transfer monitoring, eventually locked a black man, found that the person has forced open door trick. At present, the man has been arrested, the police have carried out criminal detention in accordance with the law. "Door failure" of No. 1027 train door failure occurred in multi station!" "No. 1030 train door fault"!" At the end of the month, the failure of such alarm sounded again and again. The first one was on the 27 day of last month, when the train arrived at the station on line 10, and suddenly there was an alarm light on the computer system, which indicated that a car door was out of order. "If the door is not closed or can not open, the train can not be opened, the need to immediately troubleshoot the problem to ensure passenger safety."." Train driver name. Coincidentally, on the line 2 in January 26th, when a train stopped at the platform, suddenly a passenger stopped talking about a car door that could not be closed. The train driver ran over the investigation together with the attendant on the door, until the implementation of a reset operation, before resuming operations. At that time, the train driver suspected of sabotage, because the door should not malfunction without reason." An insider expresses. Then, line 10 Tiantong Road station, post village station, Tongji University station and other stations have similar door failure events, from January 25th to 28, just 4 days time, 2, 7, 10, subway line No. 13 in nearly 10 door fault, in the preliminary elimination of equipment for their own after a fault, subway and rail to alert the police. At the same time, the metro line management department, including line 10, also began to strengthen the entire platform inspection, found abnormal situation immediately to the superior report. Then when the crime was caught by access to video surveillance and dispatched police station track, found a black man save major crime suspects. To grasp the suspect’s trail, January 28th 21 am, when the man in line 10 Jiangwan Stadium station when committing the crime again, being dispatched police station patrol station and the station attendant was arrested. According to the station attendant, the staff in the patrol found a man on the platform suddenly pulled out a very subtle object from his pocket and ready to do the hands on a column stop train doors, the staff promptly stopped, and immediately rushed to the scene of the police suspect control. According to rail police, someone’s man is 17 years old this year, for the field of Shanghai alone. In order to seek the stimulation, the subway has sprouted the mischief idea of destroying the door, and forced the door to be closed by several special tools, so as to destroy the normal opening and closing of the door. According to surveillance video, rail transit police finally locked the whereabouts of the minors, arrested and detained in accordance with the law. Editor in chief: SN184

17岁男孩为寻刺激多次强开地铁门   原标题:为寻刺激,17岁男孩多次强开地铁门   晨报记者 钟 晖   近日,沪上多条地铁线路发生车门神秘“失灵”事件,耽误了列车的正常运营。经过地铁运营方及轨道公安联合查找,调取监控,最终锁定一名黑衣男子,发现此人有强行开启车门的恶作剧行为。目前该男子已被抓获,警方已对其进行依法刑事拘留。   多车站出现车门失灵   “1027号列车车门故障!”、“1030号列车车门故障!”上月底,这样的车门故障报警连连响起。最先是上月27日,10号线一列列车抵达车站后,电脑系统中突然出现报警灯亮起,表明有一扇车门出现故障。“如果车门关不上或打不开,列车都不能随意开,需要立即排查问题确保乘客安全。”列车司机称。   无独有偶,1月26日的2号线上,一列列车停靠站台时,忽然车尾有乘客议论一扇车门关不上了。列车驾驶员飞奔过来与站务员一起排查,直至对车门实施复位操作,才重新恢复运营。“当时列车司机就怀疑有人搞破坏,因为车门不应该无故失灵。”一位知情人表示。   接着,10号线天潼路站、邮电新村站、同济大学站等多座车站都相继发生类似车门“失灵”事件,从1月25日至28日短短4天时间,地铁2、7、10、13号线出现近10起车门故障,在初步排除设备自身原因故障后,地铁方警觉起来,并向轨道警方报案。同时,包括10号线等地铁线路管理部也开始加强全线站台巡视,发现异常情况立即向上级汇报。   再作案时当场被抓   经调阅车站监控录像以及轨道警方的布控,发现一名黑衣男子存重大作案嫌疑。掌握到嫌疑人的踪迹后,1月28日21时许,当这名男子在10号线江湾体育场站再次作案时,被正在站台巡逻布控的站区民警和车站站务员当场抓获。   根据车站值班员介绍,工作人员在巡视中突然发现站台上一男子从口袋中掏出一个物件,非常隐蔽地准备对一列停靠列车的车门做手脚,工作人员及时上前制止,随即与赶赴现场的民警一起将嫌疑人控制。   据轨交警方介绍,涉事男子今年才17岁,为外地单独来沪。为寻求刺激,乘坐地铁时萌发了对车门搞破坏的恶作剧念头,用一些特制工具多次强行开关车门,破坏车门正常开闭。根据监控录像,轨交警方最终锁定该未成年人的行踪,将其抓获并依法对其刑事拘留。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: