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99% of the children in the 7 pain – bear maternal attention [picture] Sohu selection, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! Even if the child again small, also is a person, they need to respect the interests and feelings, they only give themselves the opportunity to develop their own personality, not only have no idea. Poor parents Chinese parents always have reasons for children acting on their behalf. In fact, even if the child is small, but also a person, they need to respect the interests and feelings, only to give them the opportunity to make their own decisions, they can develop their own personality, so as not to have no idea. And now many parents do not care about the way the child has trouble. So, what is the most taboo thing parents do? What is the biggest worry for children? 1, to meet it, the children are most afraid of the situation is: there is no chance to appeal, if you insist on defense, is regarded as to make, will be severely punished. Just think, if the child has been used to adapt to injustice, if the child in addition to seeking permission to have no idea of their own, our beloved children will be how to face their lives? Therefore, the development of a rational and dare to express their views of the child is far more important than the face to keep adults. 2, the family war whether parents or relationship discord, for the child’s age is still a psychological storm, overwhelmed, incapable of action of the children had to hide in a corner secretly crying. Such a family atmosphere not only hinder the healthy growth of children’s physical and mental health, often leaving a psychological shadow. Therefore, the construction of the family is deeply attached to each other parents of children should do more conducive to the growth of children. 3, parents who teach teachers greater than words just talked about the beauty of language, home to hear was; the classroom has just received the social morality education, parents littering. The progress of civilization, the starting point in morality and the cultivation of children than their parents, let parents put a shelf, the children to learn it, this is the era of development trends and results, what did not feel shy, in fact, we need to learn from the children still have a lot of 4 parents, "stealth"! Don’t play with the children in Chinese, playing with the kids have been thought not essential. In fact, most of the children like a family in the game together, unfortunately, such opportunities are not many. Studies have shown that the higher the degree of civilization of society and the class, the more attention and family get along. A lot of parents with their children, and children in the game together, watching the children grow up day by day, change, is a wonderful thing, such as the child enters adolescence or older, this opportunity is too little. 5, parents’ bad habits or habit of smoking, the taste of wine, mahjong sound, bad habits on the other side is the bad character, adults drink more, mahjong lost, finally suffer is yourself. Bad habits, not only to bring trouble to the family, more importantly, their own great harm to the body. No matter the habit lasted for many years, or bite the bullet and quit it, no change!相关的主题文章: