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9 provinces raised the minimum wage your wages rose? Babala financial reporting boss, the Mid Autumn Festival overtime let me come to the original title: 9 provinces raised the minimum wage your wages rose? Reporters combed found that as of September 13th, the country has Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Liaoning, Chongqing, Hainan, Hebei, Beijing and other 9 provinces raised the minimum wage, an average increase of around. At present, the national minimum monthly wage is the highest 2190 yuan in Shanghai, the minimum wage is the highest hourly wage of $21 in Beijing. Which groups most benefit? First of all, it is clear that, according to the minimum wage, the monthly minimum wage applies to full-time employment workers, hourly minimum wage applies to part-time employment. The world social security research center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences director Zheng Bingwen think, the minimum wage is the most direct impact of low income groups, the minimum wage increase with the "immediate" for this income effect. Although there is no clear statistics, but by the "minimum wage" dinner and a lot of people, a good example is the dispatched workers, as income from the basic salary + commission composed of sales personnel. What is more important is that the minimum wage provides a reference for the whole society." Central Party School professor Zhou Tianyong said, "the so-called" contingent ", the minimum wage increase, the overall level of social compensation will increase." How to grow is reasonable? According to the Ministry of human resources and social security statistics, in 12th Five-Year, the average annual wage growth rate of 13.1%. Chinese Labor Association vice president Su Hainan believes that the adjustment of the minimum wage to consider many factors, including workers and their dependents, the minimum living expenses of the consumer price index, the average wage, the level of economic development and employment status. This year, GDP growth has slowed down, the price level is also somewhat lower than last year, an increase of about 11% more normal." The expert said. The rising labor costs lead to "reduce Chinese manufacturing" competitiveness concerns, the Ministry of human resources and international labor protection research institute Mo Rong believes that as long as the level of wage growth does not exceed the level of labor productivity growth, this growth is sustainable. Part of the province is "dry cargo" according to the "minimum wage", the minimum wage at least once every two years. In 2014, a total of 19 areas to adjust the minimum wage, the average increase rate of 14.1%; in 2015, 27 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Shenzhen city to adjust the minimum wage, the average increase of about 14%. With the adjustment period and the average increase, but also need to increase the gold content? Social security and provident fund! "Minimum wage" in the clear, workers to provide normal labor, the employer shall pay the wages of workers after deducting the following items, not lower than the local minimum wage standard: (1) to extend the working hours of wages; (2) shift, night shift, high temperature, low temperature, underground, poisonous and special work the environment, under the conditions of the allowance; (3) the provisions of laws, regulations and national welfare workers etc..相关的主题文章: