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8 things you should know about the Kaby Lake processor tw.battle.net

On the Kaby Lake processor, you should know 8 things Tencent digital news (Michael) familiar with Intel friends should the processor upgrade rule is not strange, every year a new generation core processor will be on time to meet with consumers, and this year’s Kaby Lake is no exception. If no accident, equipped with the seventh generation core processor of PC products is expected to be fully listed in this autumn, but do you really know about Kaby Lake? The following may wish to come together to look at the Kaby Lake you should know what! Lake 1.Kaby how to read? Intel from last year’s Skylake will be followed by the processor code suffix lake, including this year’s Kaby Lake and next year’s Cannonlake is so. As for the pronunciation of Kaby should be kaybee and not cabbie, do not mistake. 2.Kaby Lake what technology? The fifth generation Broadwell and sixth generation Skylake using 14nm technology, although this year’s Kaby Lake still, but Intel said Kaby Lake in the process there is still progress and call it 14nm+, but compared to the same level of the sixth generation Skylake processor, Kaby Lake has the largest higher frequency, such as Skylake, Rui the frequency to 3.1GHz, Kaby and Lake can reach 3.5GHz. 3.Kaby Lake on the 4K to support better hardware upgrades so that Kaby Lake can decode the encoded HEVC 10-bit and VP9 format 4K video, while editing or playing video energy consumption lower. Intel said Kaby Lake processor to play 4K HEVC 10-bit life time compared to the previous generation to enhance the 2.6 times, while the power consumption of video clips from Skylake 10.2W dropped significantly to 0.5W. The actual measurement shows that the time of playing the Youtube 4K video with the Kaby Lake through the Chrome browser is prolonged by 1.75 times, and the energy consumption is reduced from 5.8W to 0.8W. Not only that, the 4K Kaby Lake maximum resolution video stream 8 AVC and HEVC standard, which means that even a small NUC system can output a huge 4K TV wall, and for Microsoft PlayReady 3 and HDCP 2.2 DRM support from the hardware allows users to 4K video streaming to PC. 4 integrated graphics performance enhancements for game users, lack of independent graphics ultrabook always seems to be in terms of performance is not satisfactory, but the graphics processing power to be further eased in the embarrassment of admiral Lake Kaby. From Intel’s presentation, both equipped with Kaby Lake ultrabook in 1280× 720 resolution to "keep the 30fps running smoothly!相关的主题文章: