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7 small secrets about airplane meals icesword

7 small secrets about the plane’s meal (original title: "the plane also eat a clean! 7 industry insiders know little secret ") lead: often referred to the meal, what do you think of first? "Chicken or beef?" Difficult to suffer? In fact, the plane is not far from what you want to eat so simple, we deliberately chatted with the Finland Airlines chef, so that these 7 people in the industry to know the little secret, but also a plane meal innocence! (source: YOKA fashion network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! 1, in fact more than 2 course meal for airline meals can also "a la carte" Oh: Finland airlines offer every day more than five thousand hot meals to the passenger plane. In addition to the standard meal, Finland Airlines according to the different dietary needs, provide a variety of personalized choice for passengers, such as vegetarian, low salt, low lactose and gluten free meals etc.. Business class passengers have more than 20 kinds of choice, and there are more than 10 kinds of different economic characteristics of the air. 2, the popularity of orange juice is not high it every time the stewardess asked you what to drink, only answer "orange juice"? You know, bloody Marie is the most popular drink on the fly. This is because people have the perception of taste "day, soil": in the aircraft cabin pressure and high altitude environment, the basic taste tongue can be perceived, affected by "umami" perception of the minimum. While the tomato (one of the main components of bloody Marie material) contain more flavor, so passengers in the aircraft flight for bloody Marie will feel more delicious. As a result, the aircraft will eat more delicious food ingredients, passengers feel better taste experience. 3, a lot of people love on the plane on the beverage tasting, airlines also specialize in "Oh, knowledgeable people, know how to choose, for example, Finland Airlines is the most popular white Wine Dragon Seal Riesling (Riesling), and the red Wine to Bordeaux (Bordeaux). In 2015, Finland Airlines Business Traveler Magazine Best Airline Wine award, has won the best business class Wine red gold and silver award. If you take a trip, don’t taste the red wine from the cabin. The most popular non alcoholic beverage is the specialty of Finland blueberry juice, only last year consumed 600 thousand liters. 4, why is the taste of the special plane? On the ground plane to eat dinner to eat more salty than feeling on the plane. This is because the local meals often contain more salt, make up for the passengers in the lack of air taste. In addition, due to the limited space on the plane, the smell of the aircraft meal is also very important, too heavy aroma of food will affect the cabin environment. 5, we must select a sauce dish that the meal preference sauce? Yes. The meal supply to the passengers often add sauce. In the high altitude condition when the cabin humidity is relatively low, the sauce can ensure food after two heating not too dry. There safety 6, pilots eat, from the "entrance" to start! Aircraft pilot and deputy.相关的主题文章: