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5 Best Android Apps To Get More Productive And Smarter-stand by me shinee

Mobil-.puting Since Android Smartphones have successfully acquired the global market share of 78.4% in 2013. As per Gartners records, the mobile OS has a lot to offer to its customers. Packed with numerous features, tool, and specifications, the Android devices have access to Google Play Store, which no other mobile OS provides. Offering you a huge collection of free Android apps apart from paid or free with a paid version of apps, the Google Play Store is a hub for millions of productive apps from where you can shortlist best Android apps for your device. Categorized on the basis of games, entertainment, productivity, security, and many others, these apps are helpful while enhancing the productivity and usability of your Android device. In this article, youll read about the 5best Android apps to get more productive and smarter. 1. Google Hangouts Google Hangouts is one of the free Android apps with amazing .munications features. It allows a user to send and receive messages, photos and more. Offering you the capability to start free video and voice calls, the app lets you connect to other users within one-on-one or on a group basis. You can easily add all your friends and form a group for chats as the app supports a contact list of up to 100 people. Offering you a platform to chat with friends on Android, iOS, and web, the app offers an unbeatable support that syncs your chats across all your devices. Focusing on letting you stay connected with others anytime, anywhere, and from any device, the app lets you express more with a wider access to photos, maps, emoji, and animated GIFs. 2. Office Mobile Office Mobile is a highly productive app and a simplified version of Microsoft Office that is offered for free to Android users. Bringing you the standard PowerPoint, Excel, and Word functionality in mobile format, the app also lets you access OneDrive, Microsofts cloud storage, to safely store your files. Users are re.mended to download the OneDrive and OneNote apps to enhance the usability of your device as OneDrive safely stores your files while OneNote records every note efficiently. Office Mobile is an excellent app that allows you to sync all your files effortlessly between PC and Android device. The app will provide you the access to full Office suite plus free cloud storage up to 7 GB. 3. Boomerang Boomerang is the most powerful email app for Android devices, and it efficiently manages all the tasks associated with Gmail, Google Apps, and Microsoft Exchange accounts. Users looking for a .plete solution to manage their emails and associated activities should immediately download this app as it is quite attractive in design and is easy-to-use. Offering access to snoozing emails, scheduling email for later, and response tracking features, Boomerang .es with an intuitive gesture system to simplify Gmail and Exchange messages experience on your phone. Supporting Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, and Gmail, the app is made available for free and it is available in numerous international languages. 4. Kindle Bringing over 1.5 million books at your fingertips, the Kindle app is a must download app for users who are fond of reading and researching. Often referred as an app for every reader, the Kindle app offers content from all three major publication industries- book, magazine, and newspaper. Providing you an access to over a million Kindle books, the app directly connects you to the Kindle Store to enjoy popular magazines and newspapers like the Economist, the Spectator, and the Guardian. A user can easily choose from more than one million free e-books or can shop for e-books, including bestsellers and new releases. Some of the other amazing features of the app are built-in dictionary, Google, and Wikipedia that allows you to look up words instantly and help a user to get more information. 5. ES File Explorer Recording over 300 million global downloads and still counting, the ES File Explorer is one of the most downloaded apps on Android devices. Rated amongst one of the best resource management tools, this app is offered for free and is a full-featured file and application manager. It is capable of supporting many functions like file manager, task killer, application manager, download manager, cloud storage client, FTP client and LAN Samba client in one single interface. Syncing your devices with other .patible machines, the app provides access to music, pictures, video, documents, stored on your mobile Android devices and PCs. The app can be easily connected over 3G, 4G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi to share files and other stuff with friends, upload photos, and watch videos. The apps mentioned above are some of the must-have apps on an Android device. However, you can also download Evernote, Pandora, Tasker, Wunderlist, and Todoist to enhance the productivity of your device. Time Recording, RescueTime, IFTTT, Google Drive, HabitRPG, Google Voice, and Google Maps are some of the other apps to enhance the usability and functionality of your Android devices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: