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4 year old girl abuse by his mother or the neck is tied to suffocation in Beijing-8l9840

4 year old girl abuse by his mother or the neck is tied to suffocation – Beijing mother had repeatedly beaten daughter unattended due to work with a rope tied to the bed the daughter of the court of final appeal sentenced to two years for four year old daughter Wen Wen (a pseudonym) will often pull in urine trousers, white day night crying the reason, Yuanmou mother repeatedly with a spanking needle, hanger ears and fingers, the bed to prevent abuse, the day a person at home and shuffle things, Yuanmou with a plastic bag twisted into a rope tied his hands, caught his neck tied to the bed, causing the mechanical asphyxia death. Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court on the day before the tragedy of the family made a final decision, considering the Yuanmou family economic difficulties, and mental disorders easily irritable, impulsive, subjective malignant is not very bad, the family had minor children to raise, sentenced to two years imprisonment, yuan to the crime of abuse. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Wei Lina Yuanmou Zhang and her husband from Hunan to Guangzhou to work in Zengcheng, March 2015 City Licheng street a rental road in the Zengcheng area, two people have two children, the boy is ten years old, four year old girl is small. Repeatedly hit the four year old daughter started in August last year, the daughter Yuanmou because listen to counsel, often will cause the toilet in his pants, the iron hangers, repeatedly with a rope tied his hands with a needle, ear, nose and fingers, ass. Wen’s brother testified that his sister refused to sleep at night has been crying, mom and dad told her not to cry, but my sister does not listen, mom and dad will play sister. Dad is usually the hands of his sister’s hands and buttocks, not very strong. Mother would first ask her not to cry, do not listen to the clothes rack to hit her hand, buttocks and back, playing a little bit more vigorously. "One side will be fierce to scold the sister, until the sister does not cry." Wen Wen’s brother said, he had seen his sister’s arm blood stasis, an ear and fingers have scars, mom and dad with a coat hanger to play, I do not obey when they will be spanked, but little effort." The brother and sister testified that naughty, sometimes break things in the house. Because the day home only one sister, mother with a garbage bag twisted into a rope and tied her to the room by the wall of the foot of the bed, and put a stool in front of her sister’s, put the mobile phone non-stop cartoon on the stool, until mom came home at noon. Mom is not tied tightly, sister can rest on the foot of the bed. With a rope tied to death her court found that in December 4th last year, 7 am, Yuanmou beat the iron racks back, then the needle bar the ears, chest, and eyebrow clip thigh abuse. After Yuanmou, Wen Wen, his hands tied, made of plastic bags of one end of the rope around the neck, the other end is sheathed on the bed frame, and then go to work, leaving the home alone. At 12 pm, Yuanmou home found Wenwen become unconscious, ordered sent to the Zengcheng District People’s Hospital, doctors diagnosed the dead. Medical staff found that the little girl multiple scars, hands and neck scar, the cause of suspicious and alarm. After forensic identification, the victim of human literature.相关的主题文章: