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360 analysis of SOE reform ESOP "roadmap" source: Journal of red finance; Author: Yan He August 18th, the SASAC issued "on the state-owned holding enterprises of mixed ownership pilot ESOP views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), a clear timetable and roadmap for reform, will start a pilot in the year in. This means that the relevant measures to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises has taken a step forward. This year, the state-owned enterprise reform has made substantial progress. April, part of the operating difficulties of the zombie companies began to transfer shell resources, which is the first time the state-owned equity. Currently, the introduction of employee stock ownership opinions, in fact, the second state-owned shares touched. Brokerage research institutions, said the most critical reform of state-owned enterprises, the core is also the most difficult part of the implementation of the implementation of mixed ownership, which really makes the operating efficiency of state-owned enterprises. "Opinions" on the scope of the pilot equity incentive, incentive target, proportion, reduction of details and so on have made strict restrictions, full analysis following ESOP: Employee Stock Ownership Plan connotation and origin of the employee stock ownership plan (Employee Stock Option Plan, or ESOP) by means of allowing employees to hold shares and options of the company and be inspired to make a long-term performance incentive plan. ESOP originated in the United States in 1920s, flourished in 1970s. China’s enterprises as early as the 80s and 90s of last century began to try esop. Practice, has experienced several rounds of pilot, halt, restart the process of repetition. The introduction of the program, related to the 6 part of the pilot principle, the conditions of pilot enterprises, employee management, employee equity shares, the enterprise implementation of pilot work and organizational leadership, on the condition of the strict and detailed explanation, is worth discussing. The "employee" nor "employees" and "ESOP" in the "employee" is not the literal meaning of the majority of employees, not full ownership, the average holding, not operating holding, but the backbone of ownership, adhere to the "post fixed stock, dynamic adjustment" principle. "Kong Gang" performance, the participation of the staff should be held in key positions and the company’s operating performance and sustainable development has a direct or greater impact on scientific research personnel, business managers and business backbone. "Dynamic adjustment" emphasizes that ESOP should be an orderly retreat, leaving the enterprise personnel is no longer the employees and no longer holds equity, new talent can obtain equity shares adjusted post adjustment, realize to meet the conditions of esop. In addition, in order to protect the safety of state-owned assets, opinions, the implementation of employee stock ownership, should ensure that there is a controlling shareholder position, the shareholding ratio shall not be less than 34% of the total share capital. Employee stock ownership is not higher than 30% of the total share capital of the company, the principle of a single employee stock ownership is not higher than the total share capital of 1%. Ownership plan and the progress of the first phase of the pilot in principle in 2016 to start the implementation of a mature one to carry out a family, in the end of 2018 for a phased summary, depending on the situation in a timely manner to expand the pilot. In addition to the central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises to promote employee stock ownership, the pilot ideas and central.相关的主题文章: