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3 factors which hinder autumn pregnancy preparation, you caught it baby – Sohu freyja

3 factors which hinder autumn pregnancy preparation, you caught? – Sohu to mother gave birth to a healthy baby is everyone’s wish, but the baby is not so easy as we imagined. At the time of pregnancy preparation needs to do a lot of things, for example, the pre inspection of diet, sports and so on, these are the need to pay attention to. In addition, to maintain a relaxed attitude to birth is also very important, more conducive to eugenics. But there are still a lot of young couples who are not too serious, intend to have a good job before the child did not blindly prepare for pregnancy, but there are some small details of life still need to pay attention to. It is easy to become pregnant in the small block you caught oh. But many people do not understand the relevant knowledge of pregnancy preparation, blind BLCU, and ignore some of the details, this is likely to hinder your pregnancy. Here are three major factors to hinder the preparation of pregnancy. When the 1 year continuous cold season during the season, the temperature changes, it is easy to catch a cold. If the woman caught a cold, then the body immunity will be greatly reduced, is not conducive to pregnancy. Moreover, if the cold is not very serious during pregnancy, it is not recommended to take drugs, especially western medicine. The impact of drugs on the body, if not conducive to pregnancy. In order to avoid catching a cold, in the season period must pay attention to take good care of yourself, appropriate to add or reduce clothes. 2 frequent sex couples that want children only need frequent intercourse on it. In fact, this idea is not correct, you want to successfully conceive, you should consider the normal combination of sperm and eggs. And only in the female ovulation period, there is egg discharge, not in the ovulation period, is not pregnant. 3 often stay up late now, most of the young people’s nightlife is relatively rich, some people will sleep early in the morning. For being prepared pregnant couples, so sleep habits are not good, not only can lead to mental state is not good, will affect the male sperm motility and quality, ovarian function of women will be influenced. Therefore, from the beginning of pregnancy, you need to adjust the schedule, Zaoshuizaoqi to ensure adequate sleep every day. In order to be able to quickly and successfully prepare for pregnancy, the couple must take good care of their body, adjust their psychological and living habits, more conducive to pregnancy.相关的主题文章: