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3 Benefits Of Using Portable Storage Containers When Moving-tianbi

Home-and-Family While nobody enjoys moving, there are a number of ways individuals and families can make the entire process easier on themselves. Whether moving within a rural, suburban or urban area, like Philadelphia, here are three benefit of using portable storage containers when moving. Portable Storage Containers Make Moving Easy Portable storage containers are revolutionizing the way people move. Ten or 15 years ago, most people solely relied on a moving company to transport their possessions on a large truck, which sometimes resulted in claims due to damaged items. There were also times when people wanted to save on the cost of hiring a moving and storage company and resorted to renting a truck and moving themselves. Rarely, if ever, did either alternative have self storage facilities with long term options. Today, portable storage units make sense when moving. And Philadelphia moving and storage companies, like FlexBox, offer simple solutions in self storage containers. With one call, you can get a moving and storage quote, order packing and moving supplies, receive as many portable storage units as you need and pack at you own pace. Pod storage containers also have the unique benefit of being at ground level during the entire loading and unloading process, which makes moving your things easier and safer for you and your belongings. Portable Storage Containers Provide Secure Long Term Storage Options Portable storage and moving units will give you peace of mind in knowing that your self storage containers are always safe and secure. You lock your FlexBox and keep the key. Once your portable storage unit has been delivered to the secure storage location, you are can access your portable on demand storage unit any time you’d like. And best of all, storage pods provide long term options. If you have things that you want to keep but no longer have room for, you can continue to rent storage pods, which come in handy for a growing family or even when you’re running out of space. Ground pools and yard equipment can even be stored in portable storage units when not being used in colder seasons. Portable Storage Containers Are an Inexpensive Way to Move Even with Long Distances Everyone’s looking to save money these days, particularly when they move. And now using a moving storage company can be a cost effective way for moving long distances. While traditionally used for self storage, self storage units can now be shipped across the country. Consider this: a 1,200 mile, 7500 lbs. move would cost you $4,000 to $4,500 with a 2 day window for delivery. Additionally, the industry damage claim rate for a Van Line move such as this is 44%. And worst yet, they have limited long term storage options. A FlexBox move is literally half the price with all the benefits you would never get with a Van Line, Trunk Rental or even a Do It Yourself option. The same move with FlexBox portable storage would cost $2,000 to $2,500, with very specific delivery times. No more 2-5 day delivery windows. Damage clams with mobile storage are very low and you have long term storage options you’ve never had with any traditional moving company. In conclusion, storage pods are a great alternative to the traditional move of the past. This fast, flexible and inexpensive option can often be the best choice for those that would like to move their valuable possession is a safe, cost-effective manner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: