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Health A psychosomatic disorder is a condition in which mental or emotional disturbances, such as anxiety or stress, cause physical symptoms. Individuals who suffer from psychosomatic disorders may experience headaches, gastrointestinal problems, ulcers, breathing difficulties, hypertension, dermatitis, and sexual dysfunction. Almost any physical symptom can be psychosomatic in nature. There are a number of ways to try to prevent or control psychosomatic disorders , which include techniques in relaxation, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and controlled breathing. There is now a new method of overcoming it that is rapidly increasing in popularity and is proving to have life-altering, positive effects on people who suffer from psychosomatic disorders. It is called The Trivedi Effect. This effect is created by an unknown energy that is emitted through the thoughts of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi in the form of Energy Transmissions. Through the Trivedi Foundation, the effects of this energy have been investigated by well-respected scientists from different areas of the world in over 4,000 experiments, which have lead to several publications in international and peer-reviewed, scientific journals. The dramatic results of these energy transmissions have left scientists baffled. All the results concur that the energy has the ability to transform living organisms and non-living materials, elevating or optimizing their performance for a higher purpose. To find out more about Trivedi Science see .trivediscience… Psychosomatic Disorder Symptoms If you search for the definition of psychosomatic disorder, you will see that this is a controversial issue within the medical world. It is believed that most physical imbalances have strong, emotional .ponents. Examples of psychosomatic disorders include peptic ulcers, high blood pressure, lower back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, impotence, frigidity, and respiratory ailments. Emotional stress is assumed to aggravate physical symptoms and trigger severe health problems. Your mental state can affect your vulnerability to infection and physical disease, as well as increase its severity and duration. Emotional problems are typically ac.panied by physical illnesses. Psychosomatic symptoms can affect any part of your body, including your heart, lungs, stomach, and reproductive system. The most .mon symptoms associated with psychosomatic disorders include: Weight loss Impotence Back pain Insomnia Diarrhea Constipation Hypertension Lethargy Chronic fatigue Headaches Dizziness Abdominal pain Loss of appetite Nausea Vomiting Cardiovascular problems Difficulty concentrating Sexual disorders When people struggle with psychosomatic disorders, the mind and body influence each other. For example, those who have experienced a traumatic event (like the death of a spouse, divorce, a car accident) could be.e hypertensive or prone to heart attacks. Stress is one of the main triggers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: