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Automobiles While buying cars the question ones confronted with is which type of car is better for ones situation? Its a difficult question to answer since one may not have enough information or knowledge regarding cars. Vehicles can be expensive, and buying them can cost a lot of money. New Cars As on today, many .panies manufacture cars, and new car dealers offer many different makes and models to choose from. Generally buying new cars can be advantageous since its easier to find their spares and parts. Also one can notice that usually new cars provide better mileage, and are easier on gasoline, as .pared to many of the older makes and brands. Another positive thing about buying new cars is that one can find a better range and varieties, since car manufacturers release many new models each year to remain in the .petition. In addition, new cars also offer signify that the car owner has money, and knows how to use it wisely. Its a general observation that people tend to think highly of a person who drives a new car, as .pared to driving a car that may have dents present in the bodywork, or makes a loud noise while starting it or driving it. But the disadvantage is that new cars prices can be high and one might have to pay a large sum of money while buying a first hand or a new car. New cars can be very expensive. Used Cars The other option is buying used cars. But one ought to have a good idea exactly what one wants, and what should be the condition of the used car. The negative point is that these cars can be quite hard to find in the first place if one is specific about a particular make and model. In addition, the parts and spares might be difficult to find, since manufacturing of the parts stops after the vehicle goes off the assembly line. However, at times its possible for one to avail a used car in good condition, that might look and run like a new one. But such models are rare and might be associated with problems that might be difficult to cope up with. Another negative point is that generally used cars also do not offer good mileage, and so it might be expensive to maintain them. The primary reason for this is older models and makes do not include some of the newest technology, which help in providing better fuel efficiency. Even engines are better in newer cars. However, one can buy cheap used car for a good price, instead of availing a loan and redeeming a lot of money in form of interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: