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Insurance Here at HSA for America we’ve gotten a lot of questions coming in lately about healthcare reform and should I wait before buying a health insurance policy… And a lot of people are thinking, well if I wait, maybe I’ll get free coverage from the government, so I want to address some possibilities here. At the time of this writing, health care legislation has just been passed by congress. Now the way it will probably affect individual coverage is pretty impactful in terms of health insurance premiums going up. The reason health insurance will be going up is that one of the provisions is guaranteed issue, meaning anybody with any pre-existing health problems can sign up for a plan and be covered immediately without having to go through an approval process. We need a way for these people to get coverage, however the cost of all of that falls on individual health insurance policy holders. When various states have done this in the past, we’ve seen premiums go up 50% to 100% or more particularly on young healthy people. So, what we are recommending to our clients is to go ahead and get coverage right now, lock in current rates. Many companies offer two or even three year rate guarantees so this would be a good thing to lock in right now as well so that you know your premiums are not going to go up for the next three years and then we’ll see what happens from here, but that’s something to really think about and be aware of that rates will very likely go up. For more information on your health insurance now that Health Care Reform legislation has been passed, as well as tips and strategies saving money on your health care, go to www.HSAforAmerica.com. There you will find up-to-date information not only about all the latest rules and how they affect your health care options, but also a great variety of ways to seriously reduce your health care expenses and enjoy the peace of mind of having a truly comprehensive, yet affordable health plan. About the Author: Wiley Long has served in the health insurance industry since 1980 and is currently President of HSAforAmerica, the nation’s leading online health insurance agency offering comprehensive information about all your health insurance options at www.HSAforAmerica.com. Wiley has recorded an information-packed video mini-course in which he reveals all the best strategies for saving money on your health care and insurance while still receiving the very best health coverage. Free registration for the beta version of this course is available for a limited time at www.HSA-Resources.com. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Insurance 相关的主题文章: