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How To Use A Womans Games To Your Advantage-beef怎么读�

I want to point out something to you. For guys like us spend money, time, and above all, EFFORT, making ourselves into better men. We deserve respect. We deserve success. We deserve the best. Because think about this: who thinks this much about being a better person? Barely anyone. It’s true. The most time most women put into being better people is the two hours they spend putting on makeup before hitting the club with their friends. Obviously there are exceptions. My girlfriend is one of them. In fact, one group of girls I’ve found that actually puts a ton of effort into self-improvement is ACTRESSES. That’s right – the HOTTEST WOMEN tend to be the most intelligent, interesting, and dynamic women out there. Not to say that a woman who’s not super hot isn’t capable of this, but I definitely have noticed a trend. The sad thing is that these women meet only two kinds of guys. The first is the smooth player, who pretends to like her, but is only interested in screwing her for a notch on his belt. Pathetic. The second is the archetypal Jerk. This guy is so self-centered, he cares about no one, and thus .es across as supremely confident and dominant, when really he is just selfish. That’s not what she really wants. And then there’s guys like me. I’m confident, dominant, but I have GOOD intentions. I love pleasuring women, making them feel good physically and emotionally. I love it when I’m able to encourage a woman I’m dating to achieve her goals and be happier with herself. It’s beautiful – and there’s nothing better than that. I have the responsibility to do it whenever I can because I know HOW to do that. "Knowledge is power, and power is responsibility." That’s a direct quote from Brian after one of our ridiculous phone conversations. It’s such a powerful, yet scary thing to think about. (A great illustration of this is in Superman .ics of all places). Now here’s where it gets tricky. What if the girl tries to pull "power trips" on you? Or she tries to make you jealous (actually, that’s a power trip too)? Or she tries to get you to .mit too early. By me surrounding myself with these guys, I actually end up learning things, which makes me an even better teacher! Girls WILL try to play games with you. Some people call them tests. Whatever you want to call them, they are subpar behavior. One guy on the squad who is EXCELLENT at flipping the script on any woman who’s trying to play games is Orleans. This is a guy who is smaller in his frame than a lot of guys, and is sometimes shorter than the women he dates. But I’m yet to find a guy more dominant. He gets it in on such a deep level that it’s second nature for him to assert a dominant frame no matter the context. How do I know this? Because that guy is an excellent teacher. The reviews .ing in for this guy are really impressive. Orleans believes that women behave badly because men let them – and the second you convey that you expect more, she’ll shape up. And he’s dead right. If a woman is running some kind of power trip with you, you need to do what he does. Ignore her. Treat her like a child on time-out. People KNOW when they are misbehaving. But they only continue if others allow them to get away with it. The worst thing you can do to a woman is ignore her. Even getting mad is feeding her attention. It’s downright scary to be ignored, especially by someone who’s important to you. So think about that before you engage in a power game that you don’t really want to play! Copyright (c) 2009 Vin DiCarlo Electricity At Affordable Rates And Schemes At The Texas City By: Neal David – The electricity providers present in Texas region are abundant and they are always .peting against each other to get the best clients. 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