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Deborah Alessi A True Example Of A Woman Of Beauty -姉summer

Beauty Her father left her at a very young age; she was just eight years old when he died. She fell in love and was abused when she was 20 by her then live-in partner which prompted her to leave Scotland. Those painful experiences were never been an issue for her not to strive to be successful and achieve her dream, in fact it serves as her inspiration. After leaving Scotland, she was lucky enough to be hired as a flight attendant of Gulf Air where she was quickly promoted to manage a fleet of aircrafts for the Royal Family of Bahrain. Her work gave her an opportunity to travel in a lot of places wherein, she felt devastated to encounter a lot of victims of domestic violence especially in the third world countries. The memory of her own experience haunted her as well as the sight of women and children in distress situation made her feel more eager to start to do something to help end this kind of cruelty. She went to the U.S to broaden her career and there she met her now husband Dr. David Alessi, a famous Hollywood cosmetic surgeon. It was a relationship full of love, they truly .plement each other, and vowed to work together to fulfill their aspiration, and that is to help individuals particularly women and children who are victims of violence. To realize their vision, they founded Face Forward. It is a non-profit organization that provides surgery, after care and therapeutic services for the victims of violence. Deborah believes that the victims should be freed by erasing the marks that will constantly remind them of their horrifying experience. Getting rid of the scars will speedy their recovery and will give them high hope and confidence to start their life all over again. Currently, Deborah Alessi is active in seeking support for the organization which in a way, is increasing in numbers. In fact, there are some Hollywood stars who have .mitted themselves to help the .anization. Various events and campaigns are being held too to raise fund to support the victims of domestic violence. Face Forward 4th annual gala is Sept 28th at the Fairmont in Santa Monica Deborah Alissi, a true example of a woman of beauty with a heart that radiantly shines to everyone. About the Author: At Renew, we specialize in therapeutic massage including Denver Deep Tissue Massage. All of our therapists are highly trained in massage therapy and experienced, and were extensively interviewed, so you will get the highest quality of massage. Tags: 相关的主题文章: