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Anxious dead, the fetus has expired! Sohu –魔界骑士イングリッド

Anxious dead, the fetus has expired! Sohu maternal and child pre birth, as if the mother and the baby to meet the appointment date. However, with the time approaching day by day, even it is already overdue, the belly has no movement, parents will worry if overdue before birth, birth to or by caesarean section? Should continue to wait for the occurrence of trillion? What will be the impact on the fetus? In fact, the definition of prolonged pregnancy, perinatal fetal birth does not specifically refer to the day, most of the fetus is born during 37 to 41 weeks of pregnancy. Although the medical term pregnancy over 40 weeks or 280 days is normal pregnancy, and pregnancy refers to the full 42 weeks or 294 days after not production, but rarely wait for prolonged pregnancy before treatment, in addition, different number of pregnancy, for "expired" pregnancy is not the same. If a singleton pregnancy, just over 37 weeks after birth can be regarded as "in production"; before the full 37 weeks of birth is generally defined as "premature"; "generally refers to the overdue pregnancy more than 42 weeks later (from the beginning of the 43 week of the first day of the pregnancy, production). However, if multiple pregnancies, less than 39 weeks after the time is still continuing to wait until the date of childbirth is not processed. The biggest worry of postterm pregnancy, is likely to harm the fetus health and life. Clinically, more than 42 weeks after birth, fetal mortality will rise. Moreover, we have to worry about the presence of severe calcification of the placenta, amniotic fluid volume reduction or other complications, and the longer the fetus, will increase the probability of caesarean section. Therefore, if the singleton pregnancy is more than 41 weeks, more than 37 weeks of pregnancy, multiple births will increase the risk of fetal production. Two kinds of calculation of the birth of the fetus has not expired, how to do? Before deciding how to deal with it, the mother must first understand how the birth date is calculated There are many ways to calculate the date of birth, the current domestic and international medical community generally used method is based on the menstrual cycle of pregnant mothers to estimate. On the first day of the last menstrual period, the last 40 weeks, or 280 days, is expected. Ultrasound examination confirmed the number of weeks of pregnancy because many women are not aware of their menstrual cycle or the exact time, or some women’s menstrual cycle or irregular ovulation day late, will affect the accuracy of the estimation results expected. Estimated due not just to that date of birth of the fetus, more important is to let the doctor can accurately grasp the overall development situation, understanding of fetal physiological changes in pregnant women is in the normal range. Therefore, the doctor will be through the early pregnancy ultrasound examination, from the embryonic growth to further confirm the actual number of weeks of pregnancy. This two pronged approach to accurately calculate the pre production period, in order to reduce the digital gap caused by manual operation, and can be arranged for days after the seizure of property assessment. The menstrual cycle is calculated as an average of 28 days for a menstrual cycle, from the last day of the first day of menstruation began to push back for 280 days or 40 weeks, is the expected date of childbirth. For example: the last time this month相关的主题文章: