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Shenzhen police today take red light check third weeks to start a new net – punishment-twoo是什么网站

Shenzhen police today take "red light" check third weeks to start a new network punishment – Yangcheng Evening News reporter Song Wangqun, Liu Ming correspondent reports: yesterday, the Shenzhen police announced the "red light" violations of rules, is divided into three kinds of situations. Penalties for the standard, a fine of 300 yuan, more than 1 years in more than 3 years, from the beginning of each of the 500 yuan fine. Today, the Shenzhen traffic police officially launched the green light to investigate and deal with the work, began the transition period of law enforcement. The legal basis for the "road traffic safety law to implement the provisions of the first paragraph of article fifty-third:" Regulations of motor vehicle in the intersection traffic jam, in turn shall be stopped at the intersection waiting outside, must not enter the intersection; and the "Shenzhen special economic zone of the road traffic safety violations punishment Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") twelfth first the provisions of the fourth paragraph: in case of intersection traffic congestion when the law did not stop at the junction outside waiting, forced entry, a fine of three hundred yuan; twelfth paragraph second: within a year with the conduct of more than three times, starting from the third every 500 yuan fine. When there is a traffic jam in front of the intersection, the vehicle is still forced to enter, identified as "green light" traffic violations; multiple vehicles at the same time forced into the intersection, were identified as "green light". The articles identified include three types: a straight line direction, traffic congestion, vehicles are not allowed to enter the straight lane in the intersection, illegal entry, identified as "red light". The other direction of vehicles can be normal traffic; two, turn left, turn right straight, the direction of traffic jams, all vehicles are not allowed to enter the intersection, illegal entry, identified as "red light"; three, turn left direction of the traffic jam, the left turn lane inside the vehicle to enter the intersection, entering the, identified as "red light", other vehicles can pass the normal direction. The police also announced the details of the punishment standards including: "red light", a fine of 300 yuan; 1 years more than 3 times, starting from the third every 500 yuan fine; driving a motor vehicle parking in a crosswalk, a fine of 300 yuan; do not obey the traffic police command, at a fine of 500 yuan; to obey the command of traffic wardens, a fine of 500 yuan. September 1st, Shenzhen police officially started the "red light" investigation work, tentative first week publicity transition period, second weeks for the enforcement of traffic police vehicle "red light" illegal to take on-site verbal warning, not punishment, punishment third weeks.相关的主题文章: