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Ministry of Commerce six measures to promote the modernization of trade and business environment of -月丘うさぎ

The Ministry of Commerce six measures to promote trade circulation modernization and business environment legalization — Finance — people.com.cn people.com.cn October 9 Beijing Xinhua (Sun Yang) at the end of last August, the "opinions" of the State Council on promoting the rule of law and trade circulation modernization of the domestic business environment issued. The Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said today that year, the Ministry of Commerce on the "opinions" requirements, carry out six main aspects: one is to improve the long-term mechanism of domestic circulation work. Submitted to the State Council approved the issuance of the 11 and the implementation of the "opinions" supporting guidance documents, to promote the domestic circulation modernization has formed the "1+11" file and supporting policy system. In conjunction with the relevant departments issued and implemented the national distribution node urban planning, agricultural product market system development plan, e-commerce logistics development special planning. The circulation standardization information management system has been established, and 23 circulation standards have been revised. The two is to promote the domestic circulation of lowering the efficiency. In promoting the circulation informatization, standardization and centralization on the basis of the implementation of the "Internet plus circulation" action plan, and promote e-commerce into the community in the rural areas, promote the integration of online and offline development, improve the efficiency of distribution. At present, has been promoting the construction of 100 e-commerce demonstration base, 248 e-commerce business model and a number of convenience service outlets, solve community residents is difficult to buy food, ordering difficult, difficult issues such as looking for a nanny. In 496 counties to carry out a comprehensive demonstration of e-commerce into rural areas, rural service stations built in 37 thousand. In 32 cities to carry out a pilot logistics standardization, the selection of 190 key enterprises and units to promote trade and logistics standardization special action. The operation efficiency of supply chain collaboration in key enterprises is improved by more than 10%, and the average logistics cost is reduced by 10%. Three is to establish and improve the consumption of the supply system. In Shanghai city in 9 to carry out the domestic distribution system integrated development pilot, paper summarizes 17 achievements, 48 typical experiences and practices; in Beijing 10 city business comprehensive administrative law enforcement system reform, establishment of 9 municipal and 70 county-level business comprehensive law enforcement team; business credit system construction the pilot in 8 cities of Jiangsu province. Promote Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian and other 4 FTA test area parallel imports of motor vehicles pilot, the first 8 months of parallel imports of vehicles reached 31 thousand and 100 units. The four is to pay close attention to the construction of the domestic distribution network facilities. Improve the community commercial outlets, encourage the development of joint distribution, breakthrough in urban logistics last mile problem. In Chengdu and other 22 cities to carry out joint distribution pilot, the construction of distribution centers, distribution centers and terminal outlets of the three distribution network. Support covering 28 provinces and municipalities of the 20 public welfare agricultural wholesale market and the construction of more than and 300 cross regional agricultural cold chain logistics facilities, improve agricultural products circulation system. Five is to accelerate the development of life services. The implementation of domestic, residential and other eight residents of the life of the transformation and development of service industry action plan to promote the formation of the family as the core, community based, urban support, rural residents to supplement the service system. In Shandong and other 8 provinces to carry out market-oriented approach to the development of pension services industry pilot, explore a new way to build the pension service system. In Hangzhou City相关的主题文章: