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Faster than the new brand, is the most important decision or bubble – Sohu car-carmex润唇膏

Faster than the new brand, is the most important decision or bubble? Sohu car king 2016-11-09 Deyuan Douglas said the car known as the Chinese independent brand new forces than the speed car brand 8 officially released in Chongqing, at the same time also unveiled its first car speed than the speed T3 and SUV than the first MPV than the M3 speed. As with many conference specific speed also invited heavyweight guests and press – singer Christine Fan and Gloria Tang, there is a "80" King Zijian. This is very interesting! Christine Fan’s representative work a lot, "the original dream" and "one of the most important decisions are" for having heard it many times songs, Gloria Tang also by virtue of "bubble" in the mainland is a hit, two singers such as the platform, at least to see than immediate intention. In 2016, China car brand and volant, emerge in an endless stream, but hanteng, Svay brands such as different specific speed is Chongqing Yinxiang industrial group on the basis of the existing layout, with the successful experience of Beiqi magic speed brand, launched by SUV, MPV and new energy passenger car based independent brand. The Chongqing Silver Cheung industrial group is the production and sales of motorcycle products to grow and develop. A war experience, catch up with the development of automobile industry the golden period, to see how the car like specific speed is the most important decision from the initial dream. Rather than the car speed is not ambiguous, in high-end manufacturing, high-end products, high-end service "three high" strategy implementation, the launch of the first SUV than T3 and MPV than the first speed speed M3 is the automobile market on the most popular models, it is not difficult to find, than the car speed is to keep up with the time generation of pace, young users meet the diversified consumer demand, so as to realize the important mission of brand value, brand activation agent. Look at the essence through the phenomenon, through the product to see the brand, product strength is still the most important factor in the success of any brand. Than the speed of its first SUV – faster than the speed of T3, positioning a small five SUV, the appearance of dynamic fashion, suspended roof more movement, equipped with a 1.3T turbocharged engine, with small displacement, large power advantages. At the same time, the whole system comes standard with ESC vehicle stability system, four wheel disc brakes, reversing radar, control of a large screen, reversing the image function, used to meet the young users of fashion boutique small SUV consumer preferences. Rather than speed M3 is mainly for family consumption groups, the overall approach brings comfort and more experience, so the appearance of MPV compared to the traditional business more sophisticated fashion, the line succinct smooth, full sense of science and technology. The configuration, speed than M3 not only has the same level of rare configuration, is the standard ESP, EBA brake assist, traction control, TCS upslope auxiliary and other leapfrog configuration, at the same time with the same level of only ARP rollover prevention device, has large space, high configuration, ultra three features luxurious interior, is mainly aimed at the pursuit of freedom, yearning for the development of family consumer groups comfortable life. Power will be equipped with 1.5T and 1.5L two power and with 5M manual transmission, the future will be equipped with CVT automatic transmission. In addition to SUV and MPV, sedan and new network相关的主题文章: