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From showgirls cross when the spy, captured the hearts of Hemingway. After the death of the French government to put a 21 gun salute – a Sohu as a singer, dancing, skip the movie, leading a fashion for her, one day the spy, also became the leader of the movement of human rights, it is a kind of what kind of? Do not do not believe that 100 years ago there really is such a strange woman – Josephine Baker, the world’s first black super star. Maybe a lot of people don’t even know who she is! She was once the world’s most expensive showgirls, that led France’s bold fashion, the word "Black Pearl" originated from her. In the fashion industry today, we often see a lot of Europe and the United States to pay tribute to her figure: "female master slave for twelve years" by Josephine Baker flapper based on the shape of skirt Beyonce wore a Josephine Baker classic banana skirt when she birthday at his concerts, foreign social networks will refresh memory she. Especially Rihanna, it is her iron powder. Although the idol died long ago, but RiRi has been personally imitation of the legendary black women. And when I was in the circle of friends to ask the legendary actress who? I’m sorry that no one answered. Obviously, we do not know the legendary black actress! She lived for 69 years, was born in barren thorns, but with the afterlife biggest tenacity and courage of a towering tree. A black she became the most popular showgirls in 1906, Josephine Baker was born in an ordinary black family, when I was very young father abandoned, and his mother depended on each other and thought wealthy white families do cleaning, as a housekeeper. At the age of 13, she moved to a club as a waitress and soon began her first marriage. She has always insisted that women should be economically independent and self reliant. In 1919, Baker began her acting career, and was probably born this young black girl most proud of the place! But because of her skin color, she has not been able to find a stage in the United states. She was on Broadway "chocolate" dandy, alone emigrating France, opened her acting career began in the limelight. You know, at that time, France, almost can be said to be the holy land of black artists, the French people are affectionately called her "black pearl". In 1925, Baker in the French Theatre "Thé â tre; Des Champs-É lysé ES" in the musical production "LaRevue Nè GRE", because she was topless on Stage Dancing "banana dance" was greatly criticized, but she is confident, jokingly said: "in fact, I am not naked, I just did not wear clothes." She invented the right.相关的主题文章: