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Said Kim on win weekly: the United States refers to gold and silver with the rise of crude oil and bitumen fly We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Said Kim on win weekly: the United States refers to gold and silver with the rise of crude oil and bitumen to fly this week (October 17th – October 21st week) the dollar index continued to move up, making the weekly form three positive situation, at the same time, gold and silver prices rebound and temperature, closed up slightly, re formation of gold and silver rose with the situation of the United States that. While crude oil and bitumen is still remains strong, after continuous higher refresh nearly 15 month high slightly under pressure, but still the weekly closed up slightly. The stock market, the Shanghai index with 3078 grams gap and 3085 point line two points, after the competition, for the first time Friday to close form recovered in line, closing 3091 points, out of line, and with the trading volume of 506 billion yuan. Average daily turnover also increased by 440 billion last week, up to 485 billion, showing an increase in the price of the situation. Dollar index soared to eight and a half month highs, rising for the three consecutive week, the market is expected to raise interest rates in December continued to support u.s.. The Fed raised interest rates in December is expected to support the dollar. Investors are expected to raise interest rates this year, the probability is never really close to 100%, but the short-term U.S. interest rates now show that the Fed’s interest rate hike in December is the possibility of 75%. If the interest rate hike, the Fed will raise interest rates for the second time in more than 10 years. New York Fed President Dudley’s speech, and Republican presidential candidate Trump failed to win Wednesday’s presidential debate, the expected December rate hike point enhancement, triggering another wave of dollar rally. The European Central Bank on Thursday (October 20th) announced the stability of three interest rates, followed by the central bank governor Delaki speech. Delaki said there was no discussion of debt reduction, and will not suddenly stop the implementation of QE, the European Central Bank held a seminar on quantitative easing fine-tuning options. The euro fell, and on Friday (October 22nd) continued to decline, once refresh seven month low to 1.0857. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released data show that as of October 14th when the week crude oil inventories dropped 5 million 247 thousand barrels to 468 million 700 thousand barrels is expected to increase by 2 million 700 thousand barrels in September 16th hit the biggest decline since the week. The data also show that U.S. crude oil imports decreased by 912 thousand barrels a day; U.S. crude oil delivery site Cushing stocks fell by 1 million 635 thousand barrels to reduce the largest since April 8th. NYMEX most active December WTI crude oil futures contract of October 19th Beijing time 22:30-22:31 within two minutes of instant turnover of 26689 hands a total value of nearly $1 billion 300 million to the U.S. oil try for short-term contracts. Next Monday (October 24th) during the Asian session, investors need to focus on the opening of the various varieties of the first round of the situation, the news from the weekend may give a variety of opening trend to bring greater volatility. Then, investors pay attention to the Japanese side of the data, focusing on相关的主题文章: