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The United States WAL-MART currency-counting machine to replace the manual will lay off 7000 people-pp点点通2006

The United States WAL-MART currency-counting machine to replace the manual will lay off 7000 people with currency-counting machine to replace the manual America WAL-MART will cut 7000 jobs in September 1st, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the world’s largest retailer WAL-MART announced that it would cut the back positions, the number of layoffs of up to 7000 people. Some employees will be given to the internal transfer, engaged in more work contact with customers, sales promotion and maintenance of the store. Subsequently, WAL-MART spokesman Deisha Barnett told the CNBC that the layoffs, and revealed that WAL-MART will lay off 7000 employees in the next few months, the company mainly concentrated in the back office, such as accounting, the development of post receipt. WAL-MART believes that focusing on such work or automation can improve efficiency. With the growing influence of e-commerce, traditional retailers to improve their efficiency of the increasingly urgent demand, traditional retailers to WAL-MART as the representative of the hand to take measures to cut costs, on the one hand to continue to try new business models, including the technical means to replace the traditional manual update. According to Dow Jones’s latest news, most of these 7000 employees are long-term employees, and often the highest hourly wage employees in the store. These employees are responsible for the daily cash flow of a particular store or handle the manufacturer’s billing directly to the store. From the beginning of next year, most of these jobs will be handed over to a central office or a new counting machine. According to WAL-MART’s website, the company currently employs about 150 thousand people in the U.S. market, the layoffs accounted for about 4.6% of the total number of employees. WAL-MART has about 500 stores in the beginning of this year to test the above changes, and in the western region of the United States about 500 stores laid off a part of the accounting and invoicing employees, average chain layoffs of two to three people, and provides more to face with clients to choose their jobs. Deisha Barnett said that due to the need to take a few months to complete the layoffs will not be able to provide a new position to choose the proportion of employees. WAL-MART hopes to let more employees to participate in the sales process, in recent years, WAL-MART has been doing the reform accelerated turnover, including the upgrading of store environment, improve operational efficiency, increase the turnover rate of fresh products, customer experience, and these actions, it needs more manpower to accomplish. In addition to the layoffs hit number one, WAL-MART at the beginning of this year also created the worst performance record, as of January 31, 2016 2015 fiscal year, WAL-MART’s annual revenue fell 0.7% to $482 billion 100 million (about 3 trillion and 143 billion 244 million yuan). According to S& P Capital IQ data statistics, which is the company’s first annual sales decline since 1980. January 15th, WAL-MART announced that it will close 269 stores worldwide, of which the United States and local stores, overseas markets, 115, 154. Sina Finance and Economics相关的主题文章: