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Zhang Yuning three times to move the ball to move the family to eat at least $200 thousand tonic – S-utc行家

Zhang Yuning practiced the family moved three times at least 200 thousand yuan to eat tonic – Sohu   sports; Zhang father: fill the body spent at least 200 thousand of Russia’s World Cup Asian zone 12 finals at the end of the second round, the official website of FIFA special mention China player Zhang Yuning, said its impressive first shot will show a strong one side is a promising young player. Recently, the father of Zhang Yuning in a forum posting for domestic football and the son of the Orangemen refueling, and said he supported his son to play, let the children make up these years spent at least 200 thousand yuan body tonic. Zhang Yuning’s father sent a photo of his son to watch the world cup 14 years ago, when Zhang Yuning was only about to start playing football at the age of 5. When they watch the national football World Cup group phase VS Costa Rica opener, "Dad, I want to play football." After the game, Zhang Yuning told dad. Dad was a little surprised and asked, "do you want to?" "Well, I want to play the world cup when I grow up." Said Zhang Yuning firmly. In order to cultivate children, Zhang dad put aside the traditional sports school concept, their entire follow. Subsequently, they first moved from Wenzhou to Dongguan, then to Shenzhen, then to Shanghai. In addition to taking him to the scene, these years in order to give him a body, light tonic at least 200 thousand yuan to eat it."相关的主题文章: