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Analysis of the South Korean side of the lineup is a breakthrough Sun Xing 慜 may play striker-海思k3v2

Analysis of Korean squad: on the left is a breakthrough may Xingmin Sun [] World Cup striker planning national football watch guide Xing & #24924; personal ability how strong sports Tencent August 31st 12 strong national football match away with South Korea’s competition will be conducted in September 1st, recently, the South Korean players including local media seems to have put too Chinese the team put in the eye, several in Chinese effect back at least 3 Chinese with rhetoric team, even people that can enter the China team 5, then South Korea team really so powerful? They don’t have any weaknesses in every position Goalkeeper: gold Zhenxuan position stable 1989 age players has become the mainstay of the Korean team the South Korean coach Stielike called up 21 players in Europe, including the stone Xianjun reason also cannot come, in their view, the 20 person team to deal with Chinese. The 20 men, including Zheng Chenglong, Jin Chengkui, and the men, all played in the Japanese League, and they did well in their respective clubs at the same time as the other three players in the League of the world’s top three. Zheng Chenglong, 31, is the oldest player on the team, and he has the advantage of having a lot of experience, and the disadvantage is that he doesn’t play much in the national team of Stielike. In a young man into the world of the South Korean team, Zheng Chenglong’s role is more reflected in the locker room, if Xixihaha ki cannot make teammates sober up, so Zheng Chenglong could be responsible for the bad cop, swearing or hit the bench or in short, let the young teammates together. Jin Chengkui is the leader of South Korea after 90 goalkeeper, but in the national team as a substitute for the role of Stielike. If there are no major injuries, 29 year old Kim is the main goalkeeper. Jin Zhenxuan although the effectiveness of the J2 League, but he has been in Osaka for many years, the performance of stability. After Stielike took office, Jin Zhenxuan has become the first goalkeeper, in June for two friendlies, South Korea 1-6, Spain, Czech, are the first goalkeeper of the 2-1. In short, the goalkeeper position, three people can play, but also have their own advantages, this position should be one of the most secure position of the South Korean team. Defenders: South Korean team left back is a breakthrough in Shidilikebenci convened 7 guards, including 2 full backs: Wu Zaishuo and Li Rong, 5 guard – Kim, Hong Zhenghao, Zhang Xianxiu, Jin Jixi, Jin Minhe. In the guard position, not surprisingly, the effect of China jinyingquan and Hong just will continue to partner, Brazil World Cup, the two members of the centre was almost off the hook, South Korea fans kuangpen. After that, coupled with injuries and other reasons, Hong is gradually fade out of the national team. The Kim Hong is working again, can resist the China team attack, also need to test match. Right back position on what Zhang Xianxiu Stielike is no suspense, the eyes of unshakable candidates, starting from Stielike took office, born defender Zhang Xianxiu almost is fixed in the right back position. Within a period of time he is Styria lick from national team player with the most appearances, remarkable stable position. South Korea is the most headaches is not genuine left back, 2 side guard Wu Zaishuo, Li Rongdou is the right defender in the left back position, Stielike tried)相关的主题文章: