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Yunnan Stone Forest 60 pairs of new collective wedding couple experience Yi acres of flowers -beef怎么读�

Yunnan Stone Forest: 60 pairs of new collective wedding couple experience Yi   acres of flowers to witness the romantic love – Yunnan Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Shilin on 30 September, (Li Faxing, Xu Qian, Xue Dan, tiger compliance will) September 30th, 60 couples married in Yunnan Naigu Stone Forest acres of flowers in the experience of Yi Bimo instruction with marriage. 60, the couple married couple by ox and cross grain, baitiande, real reappearance and experience the traditional wedding Yi, heartwarming scene. In October, Yunnan Naigu Stone Forest thousand acres of calliopsis bloom, 60 couples dressed in traditional costumes and Yi Garden in acres of flowers, that seemed to return to love during the couple husband and wife, hugged each other photo, record the sweet happiness, acres of flowers to witness their romantic love. Bimo Yi culture heritage and the guardian, Chen Run is the heritage inheritors of Shilin Yi Bimo, he told reporters that the traditional Yi wedding process many new people are dressed in traditional costumes Yi horse carts in the blind, married, Bimo under the auspices of the cross brazier, cross pine, cross grain, turn over nine door, the worship of the worship of heaven and earth, finally officially married. "The doors each with different branches built, symbolizes cleanliness of the door, walk nine door is the new person, symbolizes the happy life of the." Chen Run said. To feel complete set of Yi marriage, Zhu Zeyun and Li Likun deep in the flowers embrace. Zhu Zeyun told reporters, today is the couple had been married for 30 years, the Yi customs let them happiness within, "is like to fall in love, get married before to go to the studio is a photo, put a few tables wedding even finished, this activity is for our 30 anniversary of an unforgettable memory." Experience is one of the Yi traditional wedding Chinese? Shilin Second International Ashima Culture Festival, from all over the world 60 couples, husband and wife in Shilin Huahai experience hosted by Bimo Yi traditional marriage, shooting "love theme wedding, the stone forest?" deductive "Ashima" movie clips, and sharing of national forest the unity of the feast with tourists from all over the world. Share to: (Sheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia wood: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: