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No sexual partners even disabled! Who wants to play a game? Sohu Sohu health munju Yichuan dove in October 31st, according to domestic media reports "who will be the new regulations: not a single long-term sexual life can be defined as a disability", the article said the WHO (WHO) will be the introduction of new regulations, the original text is as follows: according to the British "Daily Express" reported on October 24th, the WHO is brewing a the new regulations, the long life without sex or can not find sexual partners, or people who don’t have children, will be characterized as for the disabled. Reported that, for all time, infertility is not considered a disability. However, WHO will now change the standards of people with disabilities, any person who does not find a suitable partner or no children, will also be classified as disabled. The WHO says the change will give everyone the right to reproduce". According to the new regulations, whether heterosexual or homosexual men and women, men and women, as long as you want to start a family, with the identity of persons with disabilities, can the disability certificate, enjoy priority in vitro fertilization (IVF), round their children’s dreams. However, according to Sohu health editor access to foreign media reports found that, perhaps there is no relevant provisions of the introduction of WHO, there is no such definition of disability". In many foreign media reports, the earliest and most objective is "the Telegraph" (The Telegraph) reported by men will get the "Single right to start a family under new definition of infertility". The report, released in October 20th, said in the report that WHO received a proposal to change the "infertility" standards, but does not necessarily consider the implementation of the. The focus of this article is to analyze the voices of the current standard critics, who said that in the current system, only those who meet the criteria for infertility can be funded. However, after a number of media evolution, the first domestic media quoted from the Daily Express (EXPRESS) of the "Failure to find a sexual partner is now a DISABILITY says World Health Organisation", the report released on October 24th, in the title for all uppercase disabled (DISABLITY) a word, can in fact, this report is indeed a Bo eyeball "the title of the party". Then, the domestic media quickly derived a series of "no sex life can be identified as a disability," slightly exaggerated manuscript. In fact, there are a lot of foreign countries to follow the trend of the title of the party, such as the release of the October 25th NATURE WORLD NEWS report, the title Zero Sex Life Being Single?相关的主题文章: