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Health insurance for cash is actually life-saving money shrink cash is a serious violation-jcuv是什么车

"Insurance for cash" is "jiumingqian" shrink "cash is a serious violation of Medicare for cash" is "jiumingqian" by Social Security Bureau reminded, "cash" behavior is a serious violation nanguojinbao reporter Xie Yonghui correspondent Wang Yi   recently, Liuzhou residents reflect, find Street "small advertisement more and more medical insurance for cash", do not know the health insurance individual account balance of cash for the behavior is not legitimate? If the "change", the insured person will have any impact and loss? This reporter consulted the Liuzhou municipal social security bureau. Bureau of social security audit department staff pointed out that according to the Liuzhou municipal employees health insurance policy, medical insurance personal account fund balances for all individuals, can only be used in the designated medical institutions and retail pharmacies, the basic medical insurance payment in compliance with the outpatient medical expenses, I pharmacies expenses and hospitalization Qifubiaozhun costs, it has participated in the the social medical insurance of parents, spouses and children of outpatient medical expenses or pharmacies expenses. Which clearly stipulates that the balance of personal accounts can be transferred and inherited, shall not withdraw cash or misappropriation. At present, there is a phenomenon in the community, commonly known as the health insurance fund cash, the upcoming purchase of medical insurance drugs sold to dealers in exchange for cash discount, this behavior is a serious violation. Special medical insurance fund should not be used beyond the scope of medical services. Some of the insured self-protection awareness is poor, that the interests of the cash raised, in fact, is to make their own interests damaged. Medicare card money is life-saving money, so cash, set the money out of the fold, the real loss of their own. For example, a personal account of 10 thousand yuan, but after the cash may be only $6000 hand, in fact, life-saving money has shrunk by $4000. In April 2014, the NPC Standing Committee to make legislative interpretation of the "criminal law" article 266th, where the defrauding pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity and other social insurance or other social insurance benefits of illegal workers, will be regarded as "public and private property fraud" held criminally liable, sentenced to life imprisonment. This is to maintain the safe operation of the social security fund, the legitimate rights and interests of the insured to provide a stronger and stronger legal protection. Among them, one of the main acts of defrauding Medicare treatment is Medicare card cash behavior. For insured persons participating in the Medicare "cash" violations such as verified, by human resources and social security administration departments to recover the illegal income, but also the circumstances punishable by two to three times the fine. As for the cash of the concrete implementation of the act, it may be suspected of a crime, the criminal responsibility of the public security organs. Liuzhou City Department of human resources and social security departments will further strengthen cooperation with the public security organs to crack down on all kinds of social security fraud, including health insurance cash. At the same time, but also to remind the majority of insured persons to enhance the social security and integrity of law-abiding awareness, consciously resist and cooperate with the fight against social security fraud crime, to ensure the safety of social security funds. And now about the insurance scam is also emerge in an endless stream, you do not believe, so as not to be deceived, he.相关的主题文章: