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Exclusive decryption millet ecological chain VR technology companies – Sohu Technology-纪元1701

Exclusive decryption millet ecological chain VR company as Sohu technology Chi technology – friction, the April things lead: the understanding of Li Shuxin, is at the end of last year the stage Tencent Tencent VR developer salon on. After a lapse of 11 months, goodbye to the stage, he is the founder of the Shanghai science and technology and CEO. Reference to the elephant, may also be some strange. In other words, this year, the new millet into the VR ecosystem chain, but also the official version of millet VR glasses behind the creator. Last month, a white version of millet Lei VR glasses, officially released. Now it has been sent to the hands of developers, circle of friends from time to time can also see a new photo receipt. Is expected in early December will be officially sold this helmet. Now, this millet VR glasses behind the ecological chain surfaced. Recently, the wisdom of an exclusive interview with Li Shuxin, founder of friction technology. He told us about the team’s nearly half a year of product development and entrepreneurship, and millet and some details of cooperation to show. In addition, the angel round of investment in April this year after the harvest of millet, rub the second round of investment by a Jingdong like science and technology again, the two are certainly the first response in the aspect of business cooperation, cooperation direction and Jingdong may become Ali and Buy + VR application similar to the shopping scene. First, before the Tencent took ten years in the semiconductor and last year saw Li Shuxin on the podium compared to Tencent, he appeared very approachable. High speed, slow light, clear conditioning, with the impassioned, passionate entrepreneurs are two typical obvious style. Although into the middle age, but the elephant is also the first time in the life of Li Shuxin entrepreneurship. Previously, he served as technical director of the center for intelligent device innovation in Shenzhen Tencent, responsible for the selection of the feasibility and application of intelligent hardware innovation projects. Then, Li Shuxin in a number of internationally renowned chip and IP company for more than ten years. Let’s turn the clock back to the beginning of this century, the Internet has just started, chip war ii. After graduation, Li Shuxin took root in Intel for many years, has been involved with the XScale embedded project team, which is a Intel early development of a moving end of the chip. Unfortunately, the project team was sold to Marvell in 2006, so that Intel missed a huge bonus in the era of intelligent machines. Subsequently, Li Shuxin came to MIPS, the world’s leading semiconductor design IP company. If you say, after Li Shuxin’s contact with electronic products based on 3C class, then the experience of MIPS is to allow him to participate in and docking to more areas, such as NFC chips, wireless router to high-performance computers, etc.. After entering ARM, Li Shuxin is still around the main technical adviser’s work, "this experience let me contact with many types of hardware items, the company covers a wide range, more important is to hear a lot of success and failure of the project experience". Experience in several semiconductor giants, Li Shuxin witnessed an important innovation in the mobile chip era, but also accumulated rich experience for hardware and software development for Li Shuxin, for how to combine the technology and application of the bottom has a deeper understanding. .相关的主题文章: