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United Family Hebei Science Lianmei how should the baby medication – maternal Sohu-捷安特xtc750

United Family Hebei Science Lianmei: how should the baby medication – Sohu maternal and child "my daughter heart approaching 200, after the speed dropped to 50 below! Cardiac arrest!… At that time, the blood gas analysis was > 9mmol L!" Because the 18 month old daughter taken an overdose of Potassium Chloride Injection in a hospital, had been "executed", a mother made such a deep sorrow charges. The baby’s experience is not a case, in recent years, the threat of child abuse of drug safety accidents occur frequently, parents need to attach great importance to the problem of child medication. Therefore, harmony of well-known Hebei Lianmei pharmacist specially in live honey bud a medication for children science, parents are most concerned about around three topics — children’s medicine, antibiotics, medication errors, discussion with the audience. Ji pharmacist said: I hope parents can learn more about the use of children’s knowledge, to become a smart parents. United Family Hebei Lianmei live chat pharmacist medication for children want to use antibiotics and the audience, "" it is not easy to! Speaking of the topic of children’s medication, "antibiotics" may be the highest rate of a word, a lot of mothers will be treated as anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory drugs, then antibiotics are anti-inflammatory drugs? Is there any difference between the two? When should antibiotics be used? How to use it? All these questions in the Hebei Lianmei pharmacists live unriddled. 1, is not equal to the antibiotic anti-inflammatory drugs such as amoxicillin, norfloxacin mistakenly as anti-inflammatory drugs, many parents make mistakes. These drugs have anti-inflammatory effects, but they do not all have a role in inflammation, does not mean that anti-inflammatory drugs. Because these drugs are antibiotics, that is, "antibacterial drugs", only the bacteria caused by inflammation is effective. The virus caused by inflammation, antibiotics on the helpless. Take antibiotics as anti-inflammatory drugs, a serious illness to two, easily lead to antibiotic resistance, not only useless but harmful to children’s health. 2, the use of antibiotics to understand the principles of antibiotics is not anti-inflammatory drugs, but also clear that antibiotics can not be abused, parents in the end how to use antibiotics? Hebei Lianmei pharmacists caring for everyone summed up the three principles: according to different antibiotics and bacterial infection with bacteria and pathogenic infections: different types and methods of use of antibiotics is not the same. Hebei pharmacists site and share their personal experiences, her daughter had been infected with otitis media, the preferred antibiotics were amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium, because the drug is difficult to reach the ear, need to use relatively large doses of antibiotics and the relatively long course of treatment. If it is a simple urinary tract infection, because the drug is easy to enrich in the urinary tract, you need to use a smaller dose and a short course of treatment. Parents should pay attention to do a good deal, oh. Can not be taken orally: when the doctor diagnosed the child needs to use antibiotics, parents also need to pay attention to the use of drugs. As long as the child is able to swallow, and oral medication that can achieve the therapeutic effect, then try to let the child oral antibiotics. Only the best injection and transfusion in children acute disease.相关的主题文章: