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Snowden lawyer former intelligence officer Snowden followers will be more and more-beef怎么读�

Snowden lawyer: former intelligence officers Snowden followers will be more and more in new network on 7 October, according to the 7 Russian satellite network reported that former U.S. intelligence officer Snowden in Russian lawyer Anatoli Coetzee Brynner believes that open U.S. intelligence work mode of the followers of Snowden will become more and more, people will not because of private life is violated completely indifferent. Earlier there was news that the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation on suspicion of stealing foreign invasion of the government network system code for the arrest of an employee of the national security agency. The arrested persons like Snowden, belongs to Alan Corporation (Booz Allen Hamilton) allen. The news that the stolen code is written by the intelligence department, for the computer network system in the United States, the invasion of main rivals. US prosecutors have filed charges against 51 year old Harold, Thomas, and Mr. Martin. Washington Post says Martin faces up to 11 years in prison. Coetzee Brynner said: "Snowden has many supporters, they are not to be completely indifferent, US intelligence behavior we see more and more followers, who will not tolerate lies. These people, like Snowden and Martin, act for the interests of the community, and for the freedom and rights of citizens of the United States and other countries."相关的主题文章: