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The second-hand car business integrity of the road is still very long – Sohu cars in the second-hand car trading, car dealers do not speak good faith, honest business, has been criticized by the ills ills, now also spread to the industry’s new life — on the second-hand car business. Recently, the second-hand car electricity providers frequently broke sales car accidents, fraud and other data related to management problems are not good, hope to make electricity supplier to get rid of the traditional second-hand car market transactions with the lack of integrity of second-hand car consumers, fell on the used car business platform in doubt. Electricity supplier involved in second-hand car transactions would have been a good thing, you can cut lemon to make information transparent. However, the reality is that integrity has become a second-hand car electricity supplier pain points. The source and detection information is transparent basis of second-hand car business attract consumers, but in reality, due to the scarcity of talent identification of professional, on-site inspection and mostly as a mere formality, the legend of the transparent is no longer true transparency. In addition, the number of test items the second-hand car business platform is not a propaganda, but also allow consumers to question — regeneration who more reliable? I learned in an in-depth investigation, the melon seeds network publicity 259 detection, everyone car marked the 249 detection"…… Even a second-hand car electricity supplier hit "1058 test" propaganda slogans, in fact, no matter how many test items, I believe can be done, because the detection can be a detection point into a number, only the number of changes, rather than the ability of upgrading. However, this approach can deceive the public for how long? Hundreds of second-hand car detection in the end there is no sense? I think that the meaning is still there, the second-hand car market development point of view, we can not put all the blame to the false propaganda of the second-hand car business body, after all the second-hand car electricity supplier business has just started, the lack of good faith, the government can not shirk its responsibility. The second-hand vehicle information transparent, the horizontal linkage, such as maintenance records, the insurance company 4S shop of vehicle accidents and so on information reference, fault and maintenance information of the vehicle will also be clear, any car accident, flooded cars are able to escape the data "fayan". However, this technology is difficult, low cost information linkage in the current operation is extremely difficult. With the rapid growth of China second-hand car trading volume, how to use these valuable data, is a very worthy of study and research to do, government supervision and relevant laws and regulations will become more important. If these are achieved by the lateral force, second-hand car business may concentrate attention to information transparency and integrity services, the number of detection is no longer the hype gimmick. (source: China Economic News Network)相关的主题文章: