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The time limit is 199 from the Martinborough Pinot Noir of New Zealand and re – Sohu-headache怎么读�

The time limit is 199 | from Martinborough Pinot Noir, New Zealand – Sohu and to know if only mentioned New Zealand, you think maybe the beauty of unreasonable Island, pure sea and sky can’t tell each other. There is another world in New Zealand, the world of wine, pure and fresh and beautiful as its scenery. In the New Zealand Red Wine, most notably Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir), and one of the most famous New Zealand Pinot Noir producing areas is the Wairarapa (Wairarapa) of the fort (Martinborough). The wine world today (wine-world) as you take a drink, take you from the point of view of Martinborough Pinot Noir, re understanding of new zealand. 2013 Murdoch James vineyard Pinot Noir Wine 2013 Murdoch James Estate Pinot Noir, Martinborough New, Zealand wine type: red Wine details: capacity: 750ml: Murdoch James winery wine serving temperature: 15-18 degrees region: New Zealand » with PA grape variety: Pinot Noir 100% Lara brewing information: different blocks from brewing grape finally, the oak aging, from different oak wine juice extraction. Aroma: black raspberry, pomegranate, cherry, black mud, moss and cumin flavor spices: supple, complex flavor, rich layers, long aftertaste feeling: if people in summer the secret orchard, where a cherry tree, but also like autumn leaves in memory of childhood, so quiet beauty. This Wine with Pinot Noir brewed 100% Pinot Noir and become, people understand wine will know this is a "charming" and "expensive" wine grape varieties. Stephen Chow’s film "Mermaid", that paragraph 1 million yuan Rasmani · (Domaine de Wine Kande Chateau red La Romanee-Conti) is brewed using 100% Pinot Noir and. The Pinot Noir "I don’t know. This is a very difficult breed. Its skin is thin, critical of the environment, early maturity…… It (Pinot Noir) requires continuous care and care to grow, but it can only be a few places in one of the world’s growth. Only those with growers to succeed on it, only willing to take the time to understand the potential of Pinot Noir, in order to explore its charm to the extreme. Its flavor is one of the world’s most beautiful and the most delicate and charming. Cabernet Sauvignon has a strong style and a rich palate, but it’s still a bit mediocre for me. What do you think?" This passage, from the recipient of the seventy-seventh Oscar Award for best adapted screenplay for the film "sideways" (Sideways). The night has been deep, male and female Meyers (Miles) and Maya (!相关的主题文章: