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Swing coach and Tmall once again broke the sales pressure was lowered rating agencies-stanley博士的家2

Swing COACH and Tmall once again break up the sales pressure is lowered by the agency rating swing COACH and Tmall again break down the sales pressure is lowered by the agency rating operators lack of experience? Zhang Yu, Shi Yingjing, "we have a physical store, why Tmall to sell it?"" On the China business news reporter on the question of COACH exit Tmall event, a COACH store clerk said. Recently, light luxury brand COACH announced the closure of its Tmall mall opened in September 4th last year in the brand flagship store. And this is the second time COACH and Tmall mall embrace again after breaking up". For COACH two degrees out of the Tmall industry, analysts have said COACH quit Tmall may be due to its lack of experience and ability to operate the electricity supplier. Coach Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. in the "business news" China "inquiries reply" said, to fully exploit the potential of infinite digital domain is one of the world’s COACH strategy, the company will continue to provide high-quality, seamless line to the COACH official online store for the customer shopping experience. Tmall mall said, "we are based on agreed with customers, brand cooperation party decides to enter or exit Tmall mall. Other details are not convenient to disclose." At the same time, Morgan STANLEY lowered the coach company (COH) stock rating downgraded the stock from December 17, 2015 since the "holding wait-and-see" cut to "underweight" rating, reason is the increase in sales prospects uncertain under the background of the stock is overvalued. Dean wealth Quality Institute Zhou Ting said, between luxury goods in cooperation with the electricity supplier or the lifting of cooperation will become the news, because Chinese business there is no a luxury brand and cooperation across the threshold of the official. Swing COACH: electricity supplier with love to kill the flagship store opened just 1 years, COACH announced the withdrawal of Tmall. In an interview with reporters, COACH company has not denied the importance of electricity supplier for the development of the company. COACH Tmall flagship store opened in September 4, 2015. To the outside world is not open to any publicity activities. COACH has said in an interview, "I hope traffic through the use of Tmall’s big online, in Chinese, for a wider range of consumer groups to show the modern luxury brand image and product, and further enhance brand awareness." However, the beginning of the opening of Tmall COACH flagship store revenue effect is not ideal, according to earlier media reports, the shop opened in 10 days, a total of 226 items in 23 with record sales, most of the goods sold 1 pieces of goods sold, priced more than thousand yuan. COACH cooperation with the electricity supplier has been in a state of separation and integration, wavering. 2012, COACH on the occasion of the 70 anniversary of the establishment of the company, took the opportunity to open a flagship store in China Tmall. And just a month later, COACH day theory相关的主题文章: