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Chongqing discipline bulletin 4 from typical cases of corruption in the field of poverty alleviation – Beijing this year, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the deployment and requirements of the municipal Party committee, Chongqing municipal discipline inspection and supervision organs focus on poverty alleviation goals and tasks, focus supervision and discipline of accountability, dealt with a number of poor areas of corruption zero tolerance attitude to serious. 4 typical cases will be dealt with as follows. 1 Qijiang District in the town of Longshan Village of the former party secretary Chen Zhaofu misappropriation of poverty alleviation assistance funds. From 2013 to 2014, Chen Zhaofu use of his office, by fabricating false contract, mutual aid association to borrow 150 thousand yuan from Longshan Village poverty alleviation and development funds for the construction of a partnership with others, and in return after the expiration of the loan principal and interest. During the investigation, Chen Zhaofu repaying the interest spread 27 thousand yuan. At the same time, Chen Zhaofu also has other disciplinary problems. January 2016, Qijiang District Commission for Discipline Inspection to give Chen Zhaofu party inspection for two years. 2 Fuling Wuling District Wuling Shan Village Integrated Service Engineer Xiong Shilan illegal reporting cards poor households and enjoy subsidies. From November 2011 to April 2016, Shilan bears the use of his office, knowing that their own do not qualify for cards poor households policy conditions, is still illegal to declare and poor households enjoy subsidies totaling 5 thousand and 400 yuan. During the investigation, the money involved has been repaying. In August 2016, Fuling District of Wuling Township Party committee to give the party warning Shilan bear. 3 Fengjie County five Ma Zhen Wang village Party branch secretary Peng Changbin in the distribution of alpine ecosystems poverty relocation resettlement problem D reconstruction enjoy excellent affectionate friends policy index. In 2014, Peng Changbin in the study of distribution of alpine ecosystems poverty immigrants enjoy D reconstruction policy indicators in the process without a meeting of democratic appraisal of villagers’ meetings or villagers’ representatives, not in strict accordance with the poverty of the masses as the main object of the requirements apply, the town government allocated to the 1 indexes of the village only assigned directly to his mother and get 21 thousand yuan subsidy. During the investigation, the money involved has been repaying. July 2016, Fengjie five Ma Town Party committee to give Peng Changbin party warning. 4 Pengshui County Han Jia Xiangjiaba easy street village committee director Huang Zuobing inflated area poverty alleviation project defrauding subsidies. From 2014 to 2015, Huang Zuobing in the organization of village farmers completed county poverty Alleviation Office issued 500 acres of high starch sweet potato planting project plan, will not be completed 24.9 acres of inflated to 8 households in the planting area, obtaining the project grant funds 7 thousand and 400 yuan, the funds for the maintenance of village group highway. In September 2016, Pengshui County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Yellow Zuobing party warning. Winning the fight against poverty is a very important political task at present and in the future. Party committees at all levels should earnestly fulfill comprehensive strictly responsibility, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should pay close attention to the supervision and discipline of accountability work. To adhere to the discipline’s in front, further strict discipline, good supervision and discipline and practice of "four form", Zhuazao grasping small, easily to blame; regular clues to sort the problem, carry out multiple rounds, rolling to reflect the entrusted supervision, and the adverse effects of the focus of supervision, the deadline gone through, fast)相关的主题文章: