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Legend will shoot live domestic films who play Mai-twoo是什么网站

"Legend" will shoot live domestic films who play Mai? "Legend" is a lot of game player childhood memories, Mai, Terry and other classic roles in "the king of Fighters" series of frequent appearance, "the wolf" charm is enduring. Today, Beijing billion odd entertainment official micro-blog announced the dispatch recently, they have been with the world’s leading game manufacturers reached a strategic cooperation SNK, authorized SNK famous game "legend" live version of the television rights, authorized period of 5 years. "Legend" will shoot live domestic films in the next five years, will work with SNK entertainment billion odd number of "legend" live version of the film and television works, then the wolf in KOF classic roles simultaneously: Terry, Mai, Andy, Marie and others will be to meet with the real image heavy "Wolf" fans their blood and relive old youth. Legend at present, "legend" reality show has started the project, entered the preparatory stage, according to TV production standards. According to Yi Qi entertainment CEO tagawa, developed a series of odd billion will be the whole industry chain of "legend" of IP, including five consecutive launch season broadcast drama series, movie theaters, as well as with the live TV game and create derivative projects. He also said that this will be the most important projects in 2017 billion entertainment. Teacher Okita Anri micro-blog responded seems soon after we will be able to see "legend" series of films, has not released an official release time, but a lot of game player may be more concerned about the classic role of Mai’s casting, Okita Anri has now appeared in the energy-saving cover. Do not know if the teacher can get the results? We will wait and see. (source: gamersky editor: Sen) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: