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Huang Xiaoming’s birthday will be a father baby’s pregnant belly appeared surprise – Entertainment S-捷安特xtc750

Huang Xiaoming’s birthday will be a father baby’s pregnant belly appeared surprise – sugar sweet couple fit entertainment Sohu. [Click to view photos] Sohu entertainment news (ShangHai Railway Station Ma Rongling photo) the evening of November 6th, Huang Xiaoming debut 16 years will hold a birthday party in Shanghai, and sixteen years to spend about fans "". During the interview, Huang Xiaoming thanked the iron powder with him through the darkest never abandon, life in the depression period. About the birthday wish, Huang Xiaoming call to be a good dad. The same day, baby very pregnant surprise, two people sweet candy dog, Huang Xiaoming also affectionate confession: Thank you my wife, so young is willing to give me a child, good move!"     exposing suffered from depression for fans never abandon the day before, Huang Xiaoming at the micro-blog bubble, in their own "masterpiece" The legend of Condor Hero Yang Guo and Helen of Troy of about sixteen years, recalled his debut sixteen years, and the fans love with loved ones such as general emotion. The event has been talked about, to support their own iron powder, Huang Xiaoming mixed feelings, "when I see" feel "The legend of Condor Hero about 16 years is impossible, not to mention I and" Mingjiao "fans meet by chance, no family, and in 16 years they did not see me, but sometimes I am also pro than family. Moved." Huang Xiaoming said with a smile, once thought he would "lose the powder," I think I played a very good play, we may not like." But to his surprise, iron were still in, "even when I’m depressed want to quit, I can see them happy, they accompany me through the sad most hard, they are my arm." Huang Xiaoming has always been optimistic and cheerful impression will be "haze cover the sky"? He gave a slight profound words: "behind the strong people are weak, but you do not know his pain." He said he had often thought of death, the mood is very dark, do things others were accused, also had "may I die you happy" mentality, even stay at home and do not want to go out, feel the eyes of others. Show daddy MAX birthday wish is a good dad in the sunshine after the rain, Huang Xiaoming now more and more strong heart, business territory from catering, service, television, Internet and other high-tech projects, each kind of precise, step by step, "the boss Huang" is not only the cause of success, the sentiment is also envy others, outrageous soon after the wedding, "pregnant" to baby. This year’s birthday is of great significance to Huang Xiaoming. "My life is different now. My birthday wish is to be a good father." He said that he was sure to be a good father, but the child said he hopes a baby pet heaven, more like the character of baby, and since he black soft ear not to others "". Although not yet upgraded when daddy, but Huang Xiaoming has already begun to take parenting, he exposes many recently on the "daddy go" in the fourth quarter, "Sha Yi, Anji’s love of the father and son, especially good funny. I want to be like kids in the future." Huang Xiaoming also said that the future相关的主题文章: