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When the girl was 2 years old to eat chopsticks fell into the lungs after the discovery of hemoptysi-巴雷特m82a1

The girl was 2 years old when eating chopsticks fell into the lungs after 21 years – Beijing hemoptysis was found the | "like a dream!" Sanmenxia Central Hospital Department of thoracic surgery ward, 23 year old girl Zhang long sigh of relief. Ten days ago, the body has always been healthy Zhang suddenly hemoptysis. The CT findings of left lung foreign body, surgical exploration of a 12 cm long chopsticks has been through the upper and lower lobe of left lung, and some have become thin, discoloration corrosion! Zhang could not think of it, which endanger her life, it was 21 years ago, when eating an accident…… At midnight suddenly, bleeding, examination revealed pulmonary foreign body in Sanmenxia Zhang is Lingbao city. The evening of October 28th, stay in the home of friends Zhang, suddenly cough up after the discovery, is unbearable, coughing up blood. Zhang said panic stricken, she and her friends rushed to the local hospital. After examination, the doctor finally identified a long strip of foreign body in the left lung. Foreign body found in the lungs? At this point, has been rushed to the sudden appearance of the mother Zhang, Zhang accident, perhaps 21 years ago, when an accident related to dinner. Originally, Zhang in just 2 years old, one day at noon to eat accidentally fell, crying. Parents hold Zhang found the child in the hands of the chopsticks only one half, half the chopsticks disappeared! Looking for less than half, the parents suspected chopsticks into the stomach and let Zhang, check the village doctors. "At that time, the doctor with a flashlight after checking that the mouth vaguely see the chopstick head, can not take a device. Later, I went to the county hospital to shoot the film, but also found no chopsticks." Zhang mother told reporters, when Zhang just crying for a while, then smooth milk, she also did not think about it. After Zhang fever, cough and other circumstances, the parents will be brought to Luoyang to check again, did not find a trace of chopsticks, and finally in accordance with the treatment of pneumonia after improvement. Time in the past 21 years, Zhang’s body as usual. "At the age of 2 things can’t remember, but after the body did not have a sense of what is not the same, when the season will be cold, but the feeling is normal." Xiao Zhang zhang. The operation has been life-threatening hemoptysis, at any time, Zhang was admitted to the Sanmenxia Central Hospital, also received a notice. She has been in large hemoptysis, if not immediately surgery, at any time because of severe hemoptysis leading to suffocation life-threatening." Department of thoracic surgery, Sanmenxia Central Hospital, director of the hospital, Chu told reporters, before, foreign bodies into the lungs of the case there are, the use of fiberoptic bronchoscopy and other technologies, you can successfully come up with. But the root of foreign body is 12 cm long, 21 years in the left lung, runs through the entire left lung upper and lower leaves, and the distance of large artery is very close to the lung bleeding situation has emerged, adds great uncertainty to the operation. Chu said that such a situation in Sanmenxia is the first case, even the Provincial Tumor Hospital Department of thoracic surgery director Xu Jinliang also said that the situation is very rare in the country, has not been reported internationally. Chu Shelu and general practitioner several times to discuss the program, and invited Professor Xu Jinliang to participate in the consultation.相关的主题文章: