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Liu Yan black skirt at small dew shoulder fans signed photo comers (video)-爱多vcd

Liu Yan black skirt at small dew shoulder fans signed photo all Tencent entertainment Liu Yan Zhang Jiajia of Chongqing, the film opened "passing from your world" the first promotional roadshow, Liu Yan dressed in a black Strapless sexy slit skirt debut, big show legs shoulders, her talk with Zhang Jiajia Chongqing delicacy, more generous to admit Chongqing delicacy delicious and weight gain of 10 pounds, provoked the media audience laughed. The end of the media will meet Liu Yan, Zhang Jiajia, Ma stopped to the mall and thousands of fans waiting in line to meet and live on the scene, the scene is lively, sweet and gentle smile more generous with the fans photo of the group, affinity out of the picture, the full score of. Zhang Jiajia said Liu Yan was "passing from your world" plays a role of "swallow" is the prototype, campus Belle was his university love, just can not express, so Liu Yan’s "swallow" and Yue Yunpeng’s "PigHead" is he really cares about the role of. When asked whether the feeling of "alongside Yue Yunpeng, Liu Yan does not take decisive support for Yue Yunpeng:" no, from the face value to figure I will feel a small Yue Yue, very hard very seriously, I told him that the script can be seen from the Zhang Jiajia ‘fondness for this role, he PigHead. "Second days very seriously said to me" I will not disappoint this role ", and when I told his partner also felt his commitment and dedication, is really good, I think he does not play," a lot of excellent quality PigHead body, "can we in him." Talk to the impression of Chongqing, "Liu Yan and Zhang Jiajia praised Chongqing chowhound" delicacy, she is generous to admit Chongqing delicacy and a lot of weight because: "Hey, Chongqing food is rice, every time I eat two bowls of rice this year," passing from your world "," white wedding "two works are taken in Chongqing, so I have ten pounds heavier." Liu Yan said the scene amused the reporters, Zhang Jiajia also said a matter not resigned to playing second fiddle impromptu, the famous Chongqing Hot pot shop named a pull out newspaper, it is Hot pot love powder. Zhang Jiajia also jokes like Liu Yan in the Hot pot duck, "because it is very fresh", Liu Yan joked: "well, the cavity is often rinse!" Full sense of eruption. The end of Liu Yan Zhang Jiajia will meet the media, do not go to the mall and horse hoof stop thousands of fans queuing waiting to meet and on-site ticket, activity lasted for an hour, Liu Yan maintained cordial sweet smile and photo with fans, so that the presence of the fans are very excited, a lot of people send micro-blog: "Liu Yan is too beautiful, character great!" Liu Yan real photo is particularly good, what can satisfy!" The annual blockbuster "emotional passing from your world" directed by Zhang Yibai, the author of the original work by Zhang Jiajia Deng Chao, Bai Baihe, screenwriter, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, Yue Yunpeng, Liu Yan, who starred in three of Rhododendron, from urban men and women love story in the past opened the hearts of the audience will drop, movie theaters across the country in September 29th. Liu Yan makeup sport sun shine son sliding deep in sweat相关的主题文章: