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Tottori earthquake caused 22 people were injured in 295 houses damaged-matlab 等高线�

Tottori earthquake caused 22 people were injured in 295 houses damaged 22 Japanese original title: Tottori earthquake injured 295 houses damaged to guard against aftershocks Beijing October 23 Xinhua comprehensive report, local time 21, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake occurred in Tottori County in the central region of Japan up to now, a total of 22 people injured. A total of 295 houses were damaged, including the full or half destroyed the building of the 5. According to reports, the Japanese government’s earthquake investigation committee 22 summary of a view that can not be seen from the ground north and south of the direction of about 10 kilometers of the fault may have occurred. Japan Meteorological Agency said that as of 23 am, a total of more than 173 earthquake occurred more than 0 earthquake in the earthquake in the morning of 1. About a week may be the biggest shock 6 weak strong shaking, called on all parties to be vigilant. In addition, as of the evening of 22 8 points, a total of 1578 people had to be evacuated in Tottori County, the victims face exposed juanse. Reported that the county began to operate at all levels of local government rescue facilities to support food and blankets and other supplies. In view of some of the victims in the car overnight, the county will grasp the evacuation and health status. Ji Cang Rong town and north part of residential water supply continued, the SDF car to respond. In the three dynasties CHO, spa passenger number is about 2760 night cancellation. Tottori county will usher in the winter seasonal delicacy of Chu crabs catchable day, also has an impact on tourism. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: