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I made a decision eleven long holiday, at home watching drama! – Sohu Entertainment-caxa实体设计

I made a decision: eleven long holiday, at home watching drama! Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news "eleven" to the long holiday, you may have to travel to a strange place, away from the familiar people and things, travel time, not lonely, long night, can’t fall asleep, fortunately, a video Sohu can accompany you, from "Goodfellas" [opera], "[Opera] Rouge" to "double" [opera], "sparrow" [opera], and the "dear princess," [opera] disease, made a big play, do not fall, no matter where, mobile phone, iPad can see. This long holiday Sohu video character outbreak – I made up my mind: look! From the October holiday began from the beginning of the Chinese holiday spree. The Sohu video can be described as "character outbreak", super TV is the hit drama a pull, all in the bag, to create "eleven Chinese holiday feast". Users no matter where, as long as there is a cell phone, there is a IPAD, open the video to be able to make the most of the current Sohu topic, the most heat of domestic drama. Which starred by Li Chen, Zhang Yi’s war drama "Goodfellas" will take the lead in the Sohu, video of the whole network exclusive broadcast. The well made play, the breath is strong, is the drama of a stream. Love the Spy Drama types of users can lock the Sohu video being hit three blockbuster drama "rouge" "double" "the sparrow". Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen, Li Yifeng and Dongyu Zhou will bring friends together to spy out. In addition, a social topic of urban big emotional drama "Chinese type relationship" and the Sohu produced homemade video, youth idol drama "love adorable baby, Princess disease" will also be your choice during the national day of the opera. "I see drama, my pride" — the Sohu video "National Opera feast" is what? The next Xiaobian take you close to search the "National Opera feast" is what, as the saying goes, "I can play, I am proud, Sohu need video", while there is a good network, a lot of time, you may wish to prepare in advance to prepare it, of course, for he would have to do a difficult decision: Eleven holiday, play at home! "Goodfellas": brother blood war drama has the literary flavor after four years of dormancy wait, Li Chen, Zhang Yi starred in "Goodfellas" finally meet with the audience. This writer by Lan Xiaolong’s drama of the war, with more strong literary color, and "anti hero" the accent for anti Japanese drama to make new models, users have to point praise: not afraid of a good meal for four years later, it was worth the wait. "Sparrow": the whole brain energy burning feelings sweet abuse by Li Yifeng, starring Dongyu Zhou weaving the Spy Drama "sparrow" since its launch, the ratings ranked forefront, become a hot topic in the recent drama. In addition to burning brain large enemy confrontation plot to let the audience see fun, a few cut constantly tangled, but sweet child mixed feelings line is the audience’s appetite for women. "Rouge": domestic drama has finally ushered in the super female agents Zhao Liying, starring in the "rouge" to break the "male perspective" routines, so that women sing the protagonist, creating a相关的主题文章: