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Bayi Hebei crash performance team first J-10 female pilots sacrifice – Sohu Military Channel-嘿嘿taxi

Bayi Hebei crash performance team first J-10 female pilots sacrifice – Sohu military channel map J-10 female pilot Yu Xu. Today (November 12th) morning, the news broke, stationed in Tianjin Wuqing Yang Cun Airport China Air Force aircraft a serious accident occurred during the flight, crashed into the Hebei County of Yutian province Chen Jia Pu Yang Pu Cun southwest. The pilot who flew the plane was a man and a woman, and the male pilot was successful, but the body was injured and the pilot was killed in the accident. After the news broke, the reporter immediately verified by multiple sources. From Bayi aerobatic team membership of the air force fighter Aviation Division headquarters twenty-fourth news, the news spread online is true. According to a micro-blog description and a picture display, the scene is very tragic, taken from a section of the video can be seen, the pilot parachute and seat suspected hanging on a roadside pole, the wind swinging parachute. Feedback from multiple sources of information can be concluded that the sacrifice of the female pilots is one of the four pilots to fly one of the three generation of female pilots. Shortly after the incident, the international military exploits test pilot Xu Yongling and writer and freelance writer Korolev V has issued a document on the sacrifice of Yu Xu expressed condolences. Comprehensive various information sources of news, the accident caused by the largest display situation should be: This is a two seater aircraft, before the male female, male pilots parachuting successfully, landing when injured, Yu Xu is suspected of female pilots died due to parachute failure. Reporters in the process of verifying the news to the Yutian county government, the other said the matter did not make any response before the official caliber, the cause of the accident and rescue progress is also not disclosed. Subsequently, the reporter also call the air force spokesman Colonel Shen to understand the details, the other on the phone said in a meeting, I hope reporters the concrete problem in the form of text messages to inform, later will reply, but so far have not received any response. Yu Xu, who was born in 1986 in Sichuan, Chongzhou, was a captain of the air force, the two pilot, who was the captain of the air force’s August air show. In 2005 admitted to the China people’s Liberation Army Air Force Aviation University, became the eighth batch of female pilots, in April 2009 to become a pilot beikong. In October 1, 2009, People’s Republic of China National Day parade, as three squadron two echelon -8 right wing. In July 29, 2012, master China self-developed three generation fighter first solo flight. Yu Xu is not only China female fighter pilots, is also the first female fighter pilots Chinese jian-10. She also participated in the 60 anniversary of National Day parade, as three squadron two echelon -8 right wing. In 2015 to participate in the commemoration of the 70 anniversary of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, she as a ground backup personnel, for the left -3 position number 3 backup. In the Bayi aerobatic team, Yu Xu’s name is "Peacock", is one of the few who have performed flight qualified female pilots. Yu Xu’s last public appearance before his death, is not long ago, just concluded Zhuhai airlines.相关的主题文章: