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Sichuan migrant workers pay talks failed more than black people were wounded in the new network – th-驯龙高手dm456

Sichuan migrant workers pay talks failed more than black people were wounded in the police investigation – Beijing Times News (reporter Fan Rui JINGWAH Feng Huamei) recently, micro-blog users broke the news, September 11th Sichuan Luzhou migrant workers in Shaanxi, Yulin for wage arrears, conflict with the developers, by twenty or thirty black men holding sticks beating, 7 migrant workers were injured. Currently the local police have been involved in the investigation. 13 evening, JINGWAH Times reporter saw the injured workers in the town of Yuyang Yuyang District of Yulin City Xingyuan hospital. According to the workers, the conflict, a total of 7 workers were injured, of which 3 people were injured, after a simple dressing has been discharged, while another 4 people with fractures and accompanied by soft tissue contusion, is still hospitalized in the hospital for treatment. According to a number of workers, they were employed by Yu Caihua labor company, basically from Luzhou. In April 2012, China’s labor service company contracted Yulin Jinqiao Garden District Construction projects. November 2014, the completion of the project area, but the workers did not receive full wages on time. Cai Hua services company responsible Zhang Caihua said, after he had repeatedly to the Tianyuan Real estate developers arrears, but the other said, the real estate market is not good in recent years, without adequate funding, has been unable to pay. At 3 pm on September 11th, Zhang Caihua sent workers to see, developers smuggling building materials, were workers blocked, the two sides clashed. About 5 pm the same day, twenty or thirty men dressed in black, holding the stick man to a nearby bridge garden area, beat the migrant workers. Workers, Mr. Song said, they come up with a stick to hit, regardless of men and women, some people were bleeding, we have a total of 7 people were injured." Because the developer has not paid wages, the workers suspected of hitting the black man for developers. Zhang Caihua provides a settlement of the amount of the project shows that the total amount of Jinqiao Garden District project totaling 140 million yuan. Zhang Caihua said that as of now, the developer has not yet paid 13 million yuan project payments, involving more than 100 migrant workers. Tianyuan Real estate developers legal representative Han Ping told reporters that the net transfer of Luzhou migrant workers as a result of the real estate developers to Yulin Tianyuan real wage arrears were a thing is not true, "in August last year has been for projects to Hengxing construction company settlement, we do not pay any arrears of migrant workers". Han Ping said that in 2015 August the completion of the project when the bridge garden area, developers will be more than 9500 yuan in the project, and the company settled Hengxing building services company, and migrant workers should be money to Hengxing construction company. While Hengxing construction company responsible Ma Jianjun said, never received Tianyuan money in real estate. The day before yesterday afternoon, JINGWAH Times reporter came to the drum tower police station, police said the incident on the same day the police have been investigating the matter, the establishment of a special investigation team to investigate the matter.相关的主题文章: