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8 questions to understand the SARFT regulation order – Sohu news-sql server 2000 个人版

8 questions to understand the SARFT broadcast order – Sohu news even in the mainstream broadcast platform, but also only part of the platform with the SARFT issued the "network audio-visual card". With the government launched the most stringent regulation, the site will face a live broadcast platform reshuffle, especially in small and medium sized live sites will face life and death test. In September 9th, the State Press and Publication Administration issued "on the strengthening of network audio-visual programs broadcast service management related issues notice", reaffirming the relevant regulations, requirements of network audio-visual programs to carry out the live broadcast services agency. It is said the agency broadcast industry needs certificates". The "notice" shock wave in the end how much? Surging news () interviewed the direct broadcast industry and analysts, and sorted out 8 questions and answers, trying to clarify the impact of the notice. 1, the notice said what? (1) the live broadcasting organizations need to hold the "information network transmission audio-visual program license" and have the relevant license items. (2) without approval, no institution or individual shall be used on the Internet "TV", "radio", "radio" and "TV" radio and television proprietary name; (3) in the broadcast before the event, the relevant information should report to the local press and publication of electricity at or above the provincial level administrative departments for the record; (4) live content problems should consciously resist the vulgar content, excessive entertainment, advocate money worship and advocating luxury etc.. 2, which broadcast agencies have a license? State Press and Publication Administration of radio website found that as of May 31, 2016, the General Administration issued a total of 588 Zhang Xuke card. These institutions include the news publishing, business unit, website etc.. Each live at the bottom of the site for publicity and internal data, CICC, sorted out the table below, you can see, only YY, reflecting the guest, etc. with the Huya broadcast platform "license", and Betta, pepper, panda TV multiple broadcast platform did not check its own license. List of qualifications of the mainstream broadcast agencies. Source: CICC report as of press time, these "certified" broadcast platform without comment. 3, can the "appointment"? Do not hold the license agency, prohibit the creation of internet live broadcast in the form of a personal network to carry out direct broadcast service. Hold the license, but also to obtain the relevant business license, in order to carry out a number of business. The "permit" is divided into four major categories of 17 business categories, which relates to the broadcast of the two, one is through the Internet to major political, military, economic, social, cultural and sports activities, the event live audio broadcast, should hold the "permit" and the license for the first class project Internet audio-visual program service fifth; two is through the Internet to the general community cultural activities, sports events and other activities of the organization as a live audio webcast, should hold the "permit" and permits the project into second categories of Internet audio-visual program service seventh. 4, the use of "television", "radio", "radio" "TV" and other broadcast and television proprietary name to carry out the business of the broadcast agency.相关的主题文章: