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Zhangzhou 1-8 foreign investment growth is good to a new batch of foreign investment growth rate is -1926年属相�

Zhangzhou 1-8 foreign investment growth is good to a new batch of foreign investment growth is higher than the average level of the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce from 1 to August this year, the city approved 86 foreign investment projects, the actual investment of 860 million US dollars, compared with the same period last year growth of 8.9% and 13.3%. The annual growth rate of the whole province is second, which is higher than the average growth rate of 5.6 percentage points in the province. ? it is understood that the 1 to August second industry project to the rapid growth of investment, the actual investment of 800 million US dollars, an increase of 55.13%; third industrial projects faster growth in the number of project approval, 35, an increase of 66.66%; 63 Taiwan project approval, to the actual investment of over $500 million, an increase of 53.66% and 35.66% respectively. According to the introduction, this year, our city’s leading service industry leading projects have been reported to be outstanding. Among them, the project by the Alibaba rookie investment group Zhangzhou cloud Networking Technology Co., Ltd. located in Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, a total investment of $58 million 350 thousand, $23 million 220 thousand contract registration, network technology research and development and warehousing services from things, will drive the Taiwan area of e-commerce logistics integration and development; Fujian Baocheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd. located in Changtai, total investment $50 million, $17 million contract registration. ? in addition, the world’s top 500 major enterprises in Taiwan to increase. Budweiser InBev Sedrin (Zhangzhou) Beer Co. Ltd., Zhangpu Tianfu tourist Tea Co. Ltd., Taishan enterprises (Zhangzhou) Food Co. Ltd., Fujian Futian Food Co., the world’s top 500 major enterprises in Taiwan investment projects have increased, the total capital of registered foreign investment amounted to $30 million. (journalist Lin Chengyi correspondent Chen Chen)

漳州1-8月外资增势良好 新批外资到资同比增速高于平均水平   记者从市商务局获悉,今年1至8月全市新批外资项目86家,实际到资8.6亿美元,分别比去年同期增长8.9%和13.3%。其中实际到资同比增速居全省第二,高于全省平均增速5.6个百分点。   ?  据了解,1至8月我市第二产业项目实际到资增长迅猛,实际到资8亿美元,同比增长55.13%;第三产业项目数量增长快,项目报批35家,同比增长66.66%;台湾项目报批63家,实际到资超5亿美元,分别比增53.66%、35.66%。   ?  据介绍,今年我市服务业龙头项目报批落户突出。其中,由阿里巴巴集团投资的漳州传云物联网技术有限公司菜鸟项目落户漳州台商投资区,总投资 5835万美元,注册合同2322万美元,从事物联网技术开发研究及仓储服务,将带动台商区电子商务物流融合发展;福建宝成旅游开发有限公司落户长泰,总 投资达5000万美元,注册合同1700万美元。   ?  另外,世界500强台湾百大企业增资踊跃。百威英博雪津(漳州)啤酒有限公司、漳浦天福观光茶园有限公司、泰山企业(漳州)食品有限公司、福 建福天食品有限公司等世界500强、台湾百大企业投资项目纷纷增资,合计增资注册外资额达3000万美元。(记者林诚毅通讯员陈辰)相关的主题文章: