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Jingjiang little husband and wife who quarrel with Baoqiang Wang quarreled to fight the family to ca-pp点点通2006

The couple in Jingjiang were fighting for divorce because of Baoqiang Wang’s divorce. The family could not help but report the divorce between Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong. It became a hot topic on the Internet. Fans on both sides also quarrelled online. The evening of September 13th, Jingjiang new town a couple in the home and family quarrel strike violently, helpless alarm. On the night of September 13th, Jingjiang Xinqiao police station received an old man’s alarm, saying that his son and daughter-in-law quarrelled at home, and things fell to the ground. No one in the family could persuade him. The police on duty found that there was a mess in the house, the ground was full of debris, and a pair of young men and women were pulled. The police see the two men and women to be persuaded to calm down the two sides. Originally, the man surnamed Yang, a woman surnamed Li, two people finally entered the marriage hall of childhood sweetheart. One year after marriage, the woman gave birth to a son, which added new financial burden to the family which was not rich, and the two sides were frustrated in their career. The two people often quarrelled with trivial matters. That night, when the couple were discussing the divorce between the star Baoqiang Wang and his wife Ma Rong, the woman said, "when a man becomes a star, he makes a lot of money and he is so good to his wife. I’ll be his wife. " The husband heard the fire and said, "you think the man is a good man." You want to be his wife, you go, no one left you! " The two sides so noisy up, and finally to strike violently. After two hours of patient persuasion by the police, the two sides realized their shortcomings and volunteered to write down the letter of guarantee and reflect on their own mistakes.

靖江小夫妻因王宝强离婚争吵打架 家人无奈报警   王宝强和马蓉离婚一事成为网上热议话题,双方粉丝也在网上吵得不可开交。9月13日晚,靖江新桥镇一对夫妻因此在家中争吵乃至大打出手,家人无奈报警。   9月13日晚,靖江新桥派出所接到一老人报警称其儿子和儿媳妇在家吵架,东西摔了一地,家中无人能劝得住。值班民警现场发现,屋内一片狼藉,地上满是碎片,一对年轻男女分别被人拉住。民警见状分别对这对男女进行劝导,让双方冷静下来。原来,男子姓杨、女子姓李,两人青梅竹马,最后走进了婚姻殿。婚后一年,女方生育一子,给原本不富裕的家庭新增经济负担,加之双方在事业上屡屡受挫,两人导致常因琐事争吵。当晚,夫妻俩在讨论明星王宝强与妻子马蓉离婚一事时,女方称:“男的当明星赚大钱,对老婆还那么好,结果还遭遇老婆出轨,这老婆真不是东西!我当他老婆就好了。”老公一听来了火,说:“你以为男的就是好人啊。你要当他老婆你去啊,没人留你!”双方因此吵闹了起来,最后发展到大打出手。经民警两个小时的耐心劝导下,双方认识到了自己的不足,并自愿写下了保证书,反省自己的错误。相关的主题文章: