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Light novel pills! The toy boy Lolita can also ranked first-headache怎么读�

Light novel pills! "The toy boy" Lolita can also ranked first? The fickleness of the world, I love anime butcher welfare, novel Beloved king temple. Recently, some Japanese media issued a light novel department recommended ranking, "from today when the Lolita toy boy" (today I with her Kara is of no!) won the first prize. This is a by name will be able to see the rhythm of the novel, people have mixed feelings: is ACG really adorable is a waste of power? Penguin mother to pure lady "from today when the next Lolita the toy boy" content, it is quite a claim to the king: want to become a cartoonist high school boys paradise spring met a super rich lady, and this girl miss two vine flowers or even his idiotic powder. So the rattan flower of spring become "investors", not only in the spring to the girl’s stately mansion, but also from the cost of living to comics, COS service model, and game class gold are completely by young women. In the novel, many gentlemen are pleased to see them, because they are so dirty that they don’t do much. Interested and capable gentlemen can chew with raw meat. Japanese netizens also have the discontent of this phenomenon, saying that this work contains such abnormal content should not be sold at all! This is the comment of the net friend: "it’s just the book." "A novel that is delusional so deep, is it a world pill?!" "It’s just a disease."… Penguin Niang think that whether light novels or animation, we should uphold elegant, not pollution routine, tell me what you think?